2017 Mitsubishi 3000GT: Brilliant


Mitsubishi have a long history of rallying victories and fast cars. The release of the 2017 Mitsubishi 3000GT is set to keep that history alive, competing against the world’s best sports cars.

2017 Mitsubishi 3000GT: how it all began

In the late 80’s, the ambitions of the Japanese car makers seemed to unite, ready to take on the world of American and European manufactured cars; they produced everything from executive, business class and sports cars to bring the fight to the rest of the world. Honda, Toyota and Mazda all produced cars that were competitive.

Mitsubishi didn’t want to be left behind either, after being inspired by their success in rallying and on the Dakar, they launched the Galant VR-4 to great success. Following on from that, they went one step further and released the ‘Prototype I’ at the 1989 Tokyo motor show. It was a modern, aerodynamic design, incorporating retractable headlights, looking something akin to the (then) supercar of the Lotus Esprit.
It went into production the following year.

2017 Mitsubishi 3000GT release date

It is expected that Mitsubishi will show a pre-production version of the sports car in late 2017, with full production happening in 2018.

Release date: end of 2017

2017 Mitsubishi 3000GT price

While no official confirmation of prices has been released, it does have to compete in a strong market, so we expect prices to be between $35,000 to $45,000.

2017 Mitsubishi 3000GT equipment

When the first model was launched, it proved to be a wonder of modern engineering and technology, and the new 3000GT aims to do the same.

While no-one would really expect a car such as this to be comfortable, it does need to have the basic levels of comfort, so rather than compromise on handling and road-holding, the 3000Gt comes with a sophisticated electronic system that turns the car from a mild mannered and soft car into something more like a race car, with stiffer suspension and great handling.

The excellent handling has been helped by an intelligent all-wheel drive system that uses an asymmetric centre differential. Under normal conditions, power is split on 45:55 basis (front to rear), but once the system recognizes that a wheel has lost traction, it redistributes the power to the one with most traction.

This means that whatever the weather, the 3000GT really is a super car for all weather.

2017 Mitsubishi 3000GT AWD

Another technical trick is the 4 Wheel Steering. The car is not only AWD but also AWS. With this system, rear wheels, depending on the situation, are able to turn on an angle of 1.5o. The angle and direction of rotation calculated by the onboard electronics, depending on the current speed. At speeds up to 50 km/h, the system turns rear wheels in the opposite direction to the rotation of the wheels of the front axle. This greatly facilitates the manoeuvring of the vehicle in the Parking lot. At higher speeds the system acted in the opposite way — the rear wheels are turned in the same direction and front. The system is fool-proof: when the threshold is exceeded in 50 km/h cornering, 4WS is not allowed activate high-speed mode steer, while the steering wheel will not return to its original position.

2017 Mitsubishi 3000GT aerodynamics

Even on the base 3000GT, the aero package works well, it has a drag coefficient of just 0.39. But, as an optional extra, you can have an active aero package fitted, and this literally transforms the car; adjustable rear wings, active suspension and a rear diffuser all create an added element of road holding and handling.

The package works automatically, but of course, it can be manually operated for those that want to play properly with it.

2017 Mitsubishi 3000GT interior

Although a very sporty car, the interior is well-equipped and comfortable. It is a 2+2 layout, meaning that you may be able to squeeze children in the back, but the front seats are powered and give excellent lumbar and lateral support without being uncomfortable. The seats are trimmed in leather and the is an excellent audio system fitted all as standard.

2017 Mitsubishi 3000GT video review

2017 Mitsubishi 3000GT engine specs

While the flagship models have all of the toys fitted, the base models come without the advanced aero package or even the all-wheel drive. These have a three-liter V6 engine fitted, it produces 222 BHP.

The top of the line versions pump out 300 BHP, but for those not wishing to spend that sort of money, the cheaper versions are available but only push out 166 BHP. All versions have the option for a 5-speed manual or 4-speed auto transmission.

2017 Mitsubishi 3000GT: can even more powerful?

The Mitsubishi 3000 GT and Dodge Stealth are to this day popular with tuning fans. After all, even a trivial increase in boost, replacing the air filter plus replacement of the intake and exhaust will give you about 400 BHP, with no critical damage to the engine.

Further modifications can easily see that number doubled.

2017 Mitsubishi 3000GT pictures and spy shots

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The information regarding 2017 Mitsubishi 3000GT appearance is still on the level of speculation and rumors. The real consequences we could find out by the end of this year.

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