The 2017 Mitsubishi Galant Is Back and Better than before


The Mitsubishi Galant first hit production back in 1969 and went all the way through until 2012 – some 43 years in continual production – that’s pretty impressive. Even more so is the numbers sold – estimates put the figure at more than 5,000,000, yes you read that right – 5+ million of these have been sold worldwide.

In case you’re wondering how the name came about, it’s from the French ‘Galant’ which means chivalrous. Odd choice for a car name.

When Mitsubishi finally pulled the plug, it was thanks mainly due to low sales numbers, which came about because the model had become staid, some could even say boring. So for 2017, Mitsubishi are upping their game and going all-in to make something a little more modern and up-to-date.

The question is, are they too late?

The 2017 Galant from Mitsubishi Has Everything you need, but little you want?


1. Everything you need, but little you want?
2. Powertrain Choices
3. Home Comforts
4. Is It Coming Soon?

Although there are a few pictures on the internet, there is nothing solid coming from Mitsubishi, so we aren’t 100% sure as to the design. If some of these pictures are correct, then we’d say that Mitsubishi need to go back to the drawing board – at best, you could say it looked… modern. Ish.

But as the old saying goes, beauty is only skin-deep. It’s underneath the style that Mitsubishi are concentrating on – the mechanicals will be just a match for any modern vehicle.

We think that the Galant will have an all-aluminum body, which should help keep the weight down to a minimum, and also improve the ride & handling.

No word on what platform that the 2017 Galant will be running, but we’re pretty sure it will be one from the current range – Mitsubishi won’t gamble a huge amount of dollars on something that could still yet fail – reviving an old model name is risky business, even more so if that model didn’t go on to become an automotive legend – Charger, Mustang… yes, Galant… hardly the stuff of wall-posters was it?

Powertrain Choices

We think that the base model of Mitsubishi Galant 2017 is going to be powered by an inline four-cylinder 2.4 liter gas engine, nothing too radical or exciting, but it will make around 166 BHP which is adequate. We also think that Mitsubishi may introduce a V6 into the range – around 3.0 liter in size with about 230 BHP. Again, it’s not going to set the world alight, but it means that the higher trim levels shouldn’t feel quite so underpowered.

A car like this needs to have something like a V6 in it to appeal to the buyers – it isn’t going to be a college car; the buyer will be more mature and expect to have a decent range of power – the V6 should just about provide that.

We know that there will be no hybrid option, although if the sales start racking up, it’s something that Mitsubishi will look into no doubt.

Power will be sent to the rear wheels (it’s doubtful that we’ll see an all-wheel drive option, even with the V6) via a 6-speed automatic transmission or possibly a CVT style transmission.

Home Comforts

As for the equipment… the Galant 2017 is the type of car that will appeal to the ‘more mature’ buyer – think of the reputation that Honda had about 7 or 8 years ago – so it will have to have a fairly high level of equipment fitted as standard, we doubt that there’ll be anything but leather upholstery for example.

We would also guess that the standard equipment fitted will be there to make driving easier – parking sensors and cameras for instance, adaptive cruise-control, pre-collision warning with automatic emergency braking – all of these will be comforts rather than safety, and we would guess that Mitsubishi know their market well-enough to offer them on every trim level.

Is The Mitsubishi Galant 2017 Coming Soon?

Prices are a little unknown at the moment, but we would estimate a starting price of around $26,000 going up to $37,000 for the fully-loaded flagship model.

We haven’t yet seen any test-mules or spyshots, but again, this is just an everyday car for everyday folk, it isn’t likely to attract much interest, so that doesn’t really surprise us. As for production and national roll-out schedules, we would think that Mitsubishi will be sending them out to dealers around September of this year – so if you’re really in the need for an average car that does a great job, you’ll be able to pick one up then.

Do you think we’ve been a little harsh on the Mitsubishi Galant? Will it set the world alight with its handsome good looks and performance? Or are you like us, and completely un-phased by the new model? Let us know in the comments – your input plays an important part for this site.
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