Mitsubishi Montero Is In Strong Urge Of Redesign


This car is really legendary – the history of this SUV originates back in 1982, and the current (fourth) generation got into the conveyor in 2006, having survived several minor updates since then, the last of which was for 2014.

Outdated Design

Mitsubishi Montero – a classic brutal SUV, stubbornly refusing to move to modern design standards. The exterior of the Montero is simple and туфе, but at the same time it evokes a sense of construction reliability and confidence in superiority over other cars due to the massive design elements, large wheels and high ground clearance. As part of the restyling, he received fresh wheel rims, a new radiator grille, and a front bumper with integrated LED daytime running lights and a new fog lamp. Rear designers updated the spare wheel casing and on this external transformations of the 2017 model year car come to an end.

The length of the new Montero is 192.9″. The wheelbase of the SUV is 73.8″. The ground clearance, depending on the version, is 8.8-9.2″. The SUV is able to overcome ford in depths of up to 27.5″, with an approaching angle of up to 36.6 degrees, and also tow a trailer (equipped with brakes) weighing from 3968 to 7275 lbs, depending on the type of engine. The curb weight of Mitsubishi Montero 4th generation varies from 4629 to 5247 lbs.

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High Quality but Boring Interior

The 5-seater cabin of this car echoes the exterior. It is quite simple in design, lacks bright and frilly details, stylish inserts, but it looks quite presentable and high quality due to the high cost of materials used for finishing.

In terms of ergonomics, the cabin is very good, the driver’s seat provides excellent visibility and easy access to all controls. The only downside – the lack of adjustment of the rudder on the fly, because of what it has to stretch. Another weak point of the Montero interior is noise insulation, to which almost all customers of cars of the fourth generation complained. As part of the last restyling, noise insulation has been improved, so it is possible that this problem is a thing of the past.

It only remains to add that the trunk of the SUV is able to take on board 23.4 cu ft of cargo in the standard state and 63.1 cu ft with the second row of seats folded.


Mitsubishi Montero 4 is built on a reliable off-road platform and in all trim levels is equipped with a system of permanent all-wheel drive Super Select 4WD II based on an asymmetrical center differential with automatic locking (viscous coupling) or forced mechanical locking (not available in two initial configurations). In addition, the SUV is equipped with a 2-speed transfer case, and in versions with top-end gasoline and diesel engines, it also receives a lockable rear differential.

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Off-road properties of this car are repeatedly confirmed by the success of the car on various rally racing, including 12 titles of the winner of the Dakar Rally. But it is worth remembering that without the interlocking on the rough terrain, the Montero feels less confident because the electronics (the stabilization system) are pushing too hard, not allowing acceleration to be supplied at the slightest diagonal hanging.

The suspension here is completely independent, spring-loaded. Front is built on the basis of double lateral levers, and rear – on the multi-link system. On all wheels of an off-road car ventilated disk brake mechanisms are installed, in front of which reinforced 4-piston calipers are used, and in the mechanisms of the rear wheels the parking brake drums are integrated.

Engines Available

The list of available gasoline units opens the 6-cylinder V-engine 6G72, which has a working volume of 3.0 liters (2972 cm³), as well as 24-valve timing SOHC and the ECI-Multi distributed fuel injection system. and is capable of developing up to 178 hp. Maximum power at 5250 rpm, as well as about 192 ft lb of torque in the range from 4000 to 4500 rpm.

Gasoline flagship 6G75 also received 6 cylinders of V-shaped arrangement, but its working volume is 3.8 liters (3828 cm³), and the equipment includes a 24-valve timing, ECI-Multi distributed fuel injection and a variable valve timing system MIVEC. The maximum return of the flagship is 250 hp at 6000 rpm, and the peak of its torque is at the level of 242 ft lb, available already at 2750 rpm.

The single 4M41 diesel has 4 cylinders of in-line layout with a total displacement of 3.2 liters (3200 cm³), 16-valve DOHC timing chain, electronic direct injection of the Common Rail Di-D, and a turbocharger system, 200 hp Maximum power at 3800 rpm, as well as about 325 ft lb of torque already at 2000 rpm. All engines mated with 5-speed automatic gearbox.
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