Next 2017 Nissan 370Z Will Get New Powertrain and Design


Nissan company is currently developing a new sports car that will become the ideological successor to the current 370Z coupe. It will possibly get a different name, a different body type and a brand new power plant. The new sports car from Nissan is the following link in the series of coupes with a Z-index, whose production started in 1969, and will be probably named the Z35. It needs to become lighter, faster and cheaper, and to make progress on the issue of fuel economy, before it hits the road.

What 370Z 2017 Be Like?

The updated model for the 2016 model year has just become available for preorder, whilst the redesigned model will be shown at the end of 2016. The completely new car will be available to order until mid-2017. The price of the updated model promises to decrease slightly, but not by much. The expected price is $40,000. The Nissan company brought the prototype of the new Z successor to the Chicago Auto Show in February 2015. When creating the concept, developers aimed to study the reaction of potential customers to the introduction of the production model of the new more powerful coupe. According to representatives of the company the new 2017 Nissan 370Z aims to become an outstanding representative of Z line sports cars.

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2017 Nissan 370Z Turn into a Targa?

The Nismo company, an independent unit, is at the same time inextricably linked with the automaker Nissan, as it serves as its tuning studio. Introduced in 2013, the Nissan 370Z Nismo model was distinguished by its impressive list of equipment. In general, the 370Z model is available in different versions. The roadster version of the sports car is equipped with the 332-hp V6 engine. The convertible roof folds automatically in twenty seconds. In its basic configuration the car is equipped with aluminum 18 inch wheels and optional 19-inch rims. Xenon headlights in the shape of boomerangs are complemented by LED daytime running lights. Depending on the modification, the 370Z comes equipped with manual or power seats in the cabin. A roadster version of the completely new 2017 model year Nissan Z is unlikely to be released, at least at the first year of sales. Some sources have claimed that the new 370Z will have a special targa design – the center section of the roof will be removable.

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New Features and Similarities of 370Z 2017

Regarding the interior, the new Nissan sportscar will have an interior similar to the Nismo version of the current generation car. Inside, there are Recaro seats, a sports type steering wheel, covered in Alcantara and a new instrument panel. As standard the car has a Bose stereo system, two subwoofers, a multimedia system with integrated navigation and a seven-inch touch screen. The updated Nismo coupe uses the same V6 as the production model of the coupe, but the power has increased to 350 horsespower.


The 2017 Nissan 370Z will get electric-petrol propulsion built on a 2-liter turboengine. It is assumed that the power unit for the sports car will be borrowed from the Infiniti Q50. It was also reported that the 370Z may use a 3L turbo engine of the Infiniti brand. Another possible dweller under the hood of the new sports car could be a Japanese 3-liter V6 with direct injection. However, it is more likely that the new Z-car will get a 2-liter turbocharged engine producing around 300 hp. The car will be lighter and more fuel-efficient.

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In terms of transmission the 370Z will use a seven-speed automatic transmission with the function of mechanically switching gears with a paddle shifter. The new model will be equipped with a revised fully independent suspension and the sports Roadster with enhanced brakes with red calipers. The composition of body kit is inspired by the Nissan GT-R supercar and includes original side skirts, an aggressive front bumper and a rear spoiler made of carbon fiber.

2017 Nissan 370Z
Engine type DOHC 16V I4, direct fuel injection
Displacement 2,0L
Power/torque 300 hp; 365 lb-ft (est)
Transmission 6-speed automatic or manual
Wheelbase N/A
Length N/A
Height N/A
Passenger volume N/A
Cargo volume N/A
0-60 5,5 sec (est)
Top speed 150 mph (est)
PRICE RANGE: $40,000-$45,000 (est)
Competitors: Toyota GT 86, Subaru BRZ, Porsche Cayman
  • skit0

    It better get the 3.0L Twin-Turbo set-up that the Q60 is getting for $40k, or drop the price down to about $28k if it’s going to have 2.0L Twin Turbo setup. Otherwise, no thank you. I’d rather be patient, save $10k for one more year and get the BMW M2.

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4.6 overall
  • Safety4.5
  • Performance5.0
  • Design4.8
  • Features4.6
  • Fuel economy4

We expect that the new Nissan supercar will be completely redesigned and get new advanced features.

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