2017 Nissan IDx Nismo concept created with the participation of teenagers


Two concept Nissan IDx FreeFlow and its more “charged” brother, the 2017 Nissan IDx Nismo was shown to the public at the auto show, which takes place these days in Tokyo.

The designs of these concepts are very attractive and are made under the influence of classic models of the brand Datsun 70th years of the last century (e.g. 510). Both models are built on the same platform but have totally different character.

First of all, these concepts aimed at young buyers who purchase affordable cars with a sports character.

2017 Nissan IDx Nismo release date

2017 Nissan IDx Nismo

Expect the IDx in showrooms only by early 2017, the pricing is not reported yet

Release date: early 2017

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2017 Nissan IDx Nismo teenagers design

2017 Nissan IDx Nismo concept

In developing the draft IDx the Japanese automaker has applied a completely new tactic to the industry. Nissan Motors has also invited representatives of the new generation, ordinary teenagers born after 1990, take into account the interests and views of the world. So both “Datsun” is an interesting and exciting design project that demonstrates what you can use new methods during the development of the car, which will meet the hopes of those same Teens, future consumers.

2017 Nissan IDx Nismo redesign

2017 Nissan IDx Nismo redesign

Concepts Nissan IDx FreeFlow and IDx Nismo three-volume cars that do not have a direct ancestor, was created from scratch, not relying to any past or existing car company Nissan Motors . Both concepts have a clear design in minimalist, without many frills, but differ in the details.

2017 Nissan IDx Nismo interior

2017 Nissan IDx Nismo exterior

2017 Nissan IDx Nismo exterior

If IDx FreeFlow conventional, four-seater sedan with a stylish exterior, and a relaxed modern interior of the IDx Nismo —coolest sports car of the future, with eye-catching exterior and an extravagant interior. Looks like she left some computer games.

2017 Nissan IDx Nismo engine specs

As planned by the designers of the IDx FreeFlow project should be cost-effective — with engines of 1.2-1.5 l and a CVT, and 18’’ wheels.

From a more relaxed version of the IDx FreeFlow, IDx Nismo is not only a different interior and front end, making it more aggressive, but the wheels on 19-inch wheels, and turbocharged 1.6-liter power plant with a sports CVT and a 6-speed manual gearbox.

According to a recent report, the new 2017 Nissan IDx will have more in common with the architecture of the Sports Sedan Concept, which will debut early next year at the motor show in Detroit. It also became known that the Sports Sedan Concept will share its platform with the next generation series Z. But back to our IDx. As the power unit, the new product will use atmospheric 2.0-liter engine capacity of 180 HP

2017 Nissan IDx Nismo video review

2017 Nissan IDx Nismo pictures

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