Nissan Navara Might Come To The US To Replace Frontier


Nissan Navara is a mid-size pickup truck.

The Nissan Navara (also known as the Frontier in other markets) has been part of Nissans line up since 1997. Nissan are a big player in the pickup market, and have a number of different trucks to choose from.

The current model is the 12th generation and have quite an extensive redesign on its launch, so the 2017 model isn’t going to get that much reworking treatment, but it should be different enough to warrant buying a brand new model rather than a cheaper current generation

The new Nissan Navara has been available in your local dealership for a few months now; it’s a 2017 model which means that it hits the showroom in 2016.

Four trim levels are available – RX, Titanium, ST-X and ST. Base prices start in the region of $19,000 but the top spec model will be closer to $33,000, give or take a thousand.

Update: for April, 2017 the Navara is still unavailable in the United States market, which means you could purchase only old-fashioned Nissan Frontier.

Evolution of Tech

Not much has happened to the new model, this is mainly because the previous generation had quite a revamp so Nissan are just evolving that rather than completely redesigning the truck.
Starting under the hood, there is a little confusion as to what motor is fitted, some are saying diesel and others saying gas; given the fact that Americans have quite a distaste for diesel, we think it’s a gas engine that will be fitted as standard, however, there are turbo diesel options.

The base model will be fitted with 2.5 liter 4-cylinder gas engine, it makes a rather lowly 152 BHP and 171 lb/ft of torque, if you want something with a little more go, you’ll need to spec up the turbo diesel; 2.5 liter 4-cylinder in two different power outputs – 163 BHP and 295 lb/ft and 190 BHP and 330 lb/ft; pickups aren’t about speed, so the horsepower is quite low, it’s all about the torque and 300 ish is plenty. Whichever the choice of motor, it will run through either a 7-speed auto or 6-speed manual transmission.

Up front, there are new headlamps with a chrome surround, restyled foglights and a general sprinkling of chrome and aluminum throughout.

Ride height has been raised for better off road clearance and overall there has been a weight reduction thanks mainly to lighter-weight body panels. This is in turn will bring other benefits such as improved economy.

Expect to see the usual technology fitted in a pickup and a utilitarian cabin; it’s nice (and high quality leather used) but it will never rival some of the more luxurious trucks and crossovers.
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The new Navara is made for developing countries, Europe and Australia, but could possibly replace the outdated Frontier on US market.

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