Star Wars Related Limited Edition Nissan Rogue One Debuted


There’s nothing new about cars celebrating movies. Hardly can you surprise someone with this fact. For example, Chevrolet Camaro has Transformers Edition which is rather predictable, though. As for Nissan, this company has decided to celebrate Star Wars. So their new Limited Edition goes as 2017 model year Nissan Rogue One Star Wars.

Black and White

What’s makes this case unusual is that the model gets a new cinematic package but you won’t see it in the film itself. Neither can you find it any commentaries. What relation has Nissan to Star Wars? A reasonable question. Recently Rouge has been spotted at TV commercial where the auto uses its safety features and numerous detectors to navigate through space.

This commercial is said to be the reason why Nissan has decided to release their limited amount of Rogue One Star Wars Package. So the small crossover is going to be the bestseller among all fans of Star War. This strategy is rather interesting and beneficial as well. Now that Rouge has starred on big screens its price is likely to rocket significantly.

The car itself was revealed during the latest car show in Los Angeles. You can buy it in a black or white variants. According to the carmaker, they’re going to call them as Darth Vader Black and Stormtrooper White shades. There’re not so many units to be released. Their total amount is 5,400 only.

What is more, there’s a Death Trooper Helmet included. It’s not for wearing, no. The helmet is placed on the stand and looks really awesome as if there’s Darth Vader sitting next to you.


This auto is based on SV trim. The new exterior offers a modified grille. Its roof rails are of a solid black color. The car also represents Rebel Alliance’s Starbird logo. Bumpers of the auto include Star Wars logo. The model rides on 17-inch wheels.

You can find a lot Star Wars stuff inside of the car. Cupholders, mats, plates, everything says that you’re the fan of the Star Wars series. Cloth seats are of Charcoal Black shade. The model is also equipped with an amazing panoramic sunroof.

The car uses 2.5-liter engine. This unit is paired to Xtronic CVT. Standard variant is offered as a front-wheel-drive. Nevertheless, you can optionally buy all-wheel drive system as well. Unfortunately, Nissan hasn’t revealed a thing about the productivity of the AWD variant so we still don’t how much horsepower this model outputs.
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