2017 Nissan Rogue of A New Size – Now Also Sport


The Japanese company Nissan Motor Company brought to the showroom in Detroit a compact SUV Nissan Rogue Sport of the 2017 model year, which, in essence, is the “double” of the popular in Europe Nissan Qashqai model. In the model range of the Japanese brand in the US market, the “new” crossover Nissan Rogue Sport will be located between the Juke and the Rogue (X-Trail). Representatives of the company are confident that the model of Rogue Sport in terms of sales in the near future will go cross Juke.

It is worth recalling that since 2006, the Japanese company has sold worldwide more than 2.5 million Qashqai cars. That’s why the brand counts on the success of the novelty in the segment of compact crossovers. Note that the novelty will be offered in neighboring Canada, but there the car will be called Nissan Qashqai.

2017 Nissan Rogue Sport Has Rich Equipment

Visually, the new compact SUV Nissan Rogue Sport of the 2017 model year looks like the European Nissan Qashqai. As the representatives of the brand noted, “this car is ideal for residents of the city who face small parking spaces and a dense traffic flow.” Inside the car is a traditional architecture that can be found on other brand cars.

On the central console there is an infotainment system with a touch screen (with support for Apple Carplay and Android Auto), and on the dashboard is an information display. Also note the “sportier” steering wheel and quite good ergonomics. In the crossover equipment Nissan Rogue Sport (depending on the configuration) includes:

  • LED optics;
  • Cast wheel rims, the dimensions of which vary from 16 to 19 inches;
  • Bluetooth and satellite radio;
  • fog lights;
  • Heated mirrors;
  • Remote start;
  • Leather seats;
  • Heated steering wheel;
  • navigation;
  • System of the circular view;
  • 2-zone automatic climate control;
  • An audio system with six speakers and other equipment.

Also for the car, there is an emergency braking system, a system for monitoring blind spots and other safety systems and assistance to the driver.

Efficient Engine for 2017 Rogue Sport

In the US market, the Nissan Rogue Sport SUV will be offered with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder atmospheric engine, with a capacity of 140 (141) horsepower, which is combined with CVT transmission. The car will be offered with both the front and the intelligent all-wheel drive system ALL MODE 4x4i. It is reported that in Canada the novelty can be bought with a manual transmission. Note, the power unit crossover is familiar with the hybrid model Rogue Hybrid. Using this motor made it quicker and easier to certify it for the local market.

At the moment it is known that the richest and most expensive version of the Nissan Rogue Sport SUV will be offered in the North American market with the Piloted Drive system, which allows you to shift some of the driver’s functions to the car’s systems. For example, a car will be able to drive independently when overtaking or rebuilding into another row. However, the Piloted Drive system is not an autopilot – driving remains under the control of the driver.

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