Is It Worth Paying for NISMO Badge for Sentra?


Sentra is designed as entry-level market model and it is quite popular. That is why Nissan decided to make a NISMO version – just like it did with strangely-looking Juke crossover. The recipe is simple – add bodykit and some extra ‘horses’ to the engine. Let’s find out whether Sentra NISMO worth the money or not.

Power Boost

It’s still the same FWD as the classical Sentra. NISMO version is going to use a new type of chassis. This is when Nissan will be ready to introduce all new shocks and springs. They also promise bigger tires which are promised to be much stiffer. Upcoming NISMO is going to inherit from Juke a lot. For example, it will include a 1.6-liter engine. This is a turbocharged unit with four cylinders. As you understand the engine is powerful enough to produce from 188 to 215 horsepower.

Two models of the auto will be released. These are NISMO and NISMO RS. It means that the engine itself can be improved. So we can also expect to use 1.8-liter unit which provides 240 horsepower and 240 lb-ft of torque. Most critics say that it will be paired to six-speed manual transmission. At least as a standard variant. If you hope to see it as AWD you’re likely to be disappointed.

The Cost

The model is still quite far away from the market so it’s rather early to estimate its possible price. Nevertheless, the majority of sources says that its price won’t be much higher than the recent Sentra. So we expect it to be somewhat around $22,000 – $25,000.

This model is going to be a good New Year present. According to the official claims, Nissan plans to release their new Sentra NISMO in January 2017. So you can already save your money.

Update: the car is already available for sale

NISMO Recipe

All in all, new Nissan Sentra is going to focus on its engine mainly which will be almost identical to the one used by Nissan Juke. Its cosmetic changes are not going to be that wide so we expect them to stay rather the same.

We would like to learn more about the new chassis to make a balanced decision about 2017 Sentra but there’re no details yet. Its handling isn’t its advantage but it’s not that poor either. Perhaps Nissan could’ve made something sharper and more responsive but still it’s fine. Generally speaking, this model is a good choice for a city environment. It’s quite spacious but also compact enough. Not bad for a family use. It’s pretty worth of the money spent, though.
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