Updated 2017 Porsche Boxster 718 Get a Significant Update


With the new 2017 redesign, Porsche have also chosen to include the “718” nomenclature, so we now have the 2017 Porsche Boxster 718 and of course the Boxster S.
Porsche haven’t completely redesigned the Boxster, but it is significantly updated.

2017 Porsche Boxster Release date

The new 2017 Porsche Boxster 718 is available in your local Porsche dealership now.

2017 Porsche Boxster release date: late 2016

2017 Porsche Boxster Price

Prices for the Boxster have also seen an update, and not in a good way. The new 2017 718 will start in the region of $57,000 and the 718 S will start somewhere near $69,000.

2017 Porsche Boxster Redesign and changes

The Boxster looks like it hasn’t had much effort put in to the restyling, but Porsche are adamant that every single panel except for the hood and deck lid have been replaced; all new, completely different.

2017 Porsche Boxster Video

2017 Porsche Boxster Specs

Speaking of all new and different; the engine is a new unit, gone is the old normally aspirated unit to be replaced by a turbo charged flat-four 3.0 liter, this unit will make 300 BHP and 280 lb/ft of torque. Porsche also claim that it is 14% more efficient on an average driving cycle than the outgoing model.

More power and more fuel efficient? That takes some beating.

We will also see an update on the PDK auto transmission, to what Porsche are calling ‘Virtual Gears’; under light loads and low gears, the system will engage both second and third gear to split the ratio between the two to make driving even more efficient. Speaking of transmission; the Boxster will be available with a 6-speed manual or of course, the PDK dual clutch auto.

We also will see the Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) fitted as standard, this means an increase in ride quality and handling and a decrease in ride height (although only a minor 0.4”). If you choose the Boxster S and add the Sports Suspension, you’ll get a further decrease of 0.4”.

2017 Porsche Boxster Equipment

Technology wise, the Porsche Communication Management infotainment system will come standard with a touchscreen, but should you want anything like satellite navigation, that will be an extra. And keeping on that theme of extras; choosing the PDK transmission with the Sports Chronos package will also get you … a button.

That button is called the Sport Response button and it changes a few electronic settings to help you accelerate faster up to 60 MPH (the 718 should just manage it in 4.5 seconds with a sharp driver).

Overall, the Boxster 718 has been upgraded significantly, but the price tag shows that.

2017 Porsche Boxter Images

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After the total upgrade last year, Boxster received 718 index and all-new design. 2017 Boxter will receive only a minor changes.

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