2017 Scion xB Get Toyota Badge, New Design


A new model which is not hungry for money and fuel is coming to the American market. This is nice looking boxy 2017 Scion xB. Here’s what we know about this model.

2017 Scion xB Overview

This hatch back with five doors is aimed at the younger generation. This isn’t typical of Toyota to produce something like this automobile. Its fuel economy is really high. Even though the model is confirmed to be a hatchback it also includes SUV features.

2017 Scion xB Exterior

This automobile has become significantly wider than ever before. It boxy look is something fresh and original especially when talking about hatchbacks. The car has been lowered so it sits better on the road. Its headlights stay rather untouched just like the taillights. New grille is promised to be covered with a lot of chrome. You can also opt for bigger wheels.

2017 Scion xB Interior

The car is made to be luxurious and comfortable even though it’s a budget type. The dashboard is equipped with a lot of new features. There’s still a question what to expect from the new steering wheel. More details are on the way. There’s a new audio system with better sound quality. Infotainment panel is going to go through numerous changes. You can also hope to see a better navigation onboard. Bluetooth and USB types of connectivity will be at your disposal. The camera used provides more accurate videos. The rear part is still a bit narrower than it could be.

2017 Scion xB Engine and Specifications

The model uses 2.4 litre engine with four cylinders. This type of car is good for providing as much as 158 horsepower and 162 lb-ft torque. You can choose between five speed and four speed automatic transmission. The new car is said to show good fuel economy. The latest news proves that it will be around 23 MPG in city and 30 MPG on a highway.

2017 Scion xB Release Date

It was claimed that the car would come to the market in 2016 which hasn’t lived up to the expectations. So it’s likely that we can expect this car to arrive in the first quarter of 2017. However more details about this aspect are still not discovered.

2017 Scion xB Release Price

According to what we know so far the starting price for the new vehicle is around $19,000 which is reasonable enough.

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