2017 Shelby GTE Is Mustang With Badges


According to the traditional approach, an auto should be equipped with highest-performing technologies to get Shelby badge. It is not enough for a car to be simply fast, it should be a really hot vehicle with a lot of features and specs. Nevertheless, things have changed recently which is a surprise for many drivers. According to the latest news, upcoming 2017 Shelby GTE is going to get one of these badges. It is unexpected because this model is the same Mustang which has been slightly modified having gained a few more horsepower.

2017 Shelby GTE specs

When talking about GTE you should know that “E” means Enhanced while the auto mentioned is not tweaked that seriously. Its engine is of the V8 type with 5.0 litres of displacement. Though its productivity has been increased by 21 horsepower. Thus, the output productivity is around 456 horsepower. The vehicle also uses EcoBoost engine which is of turbo type. Being equipped with four cylinders this powerplant has been updated with 25 horses more providing 335 horsepower.

Ford Performance catalog is that very source from which this increase of power comes. V8 vehicles get the most of the benefits mainly from Power Pack which has been approved by the factory. The fact is that an engine tune specific for Shelby is used for EcoBoost purposes. In the meantime, Ford Performance Handling Pack is used for GTE type as well. What is more, GTEs inherit typical Ford exhaust along with wheels of 19 inches and Shelby tires.

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2017 Shelby GTE design

This model looks good with numerous badges and stylish stripes. It can also boast about specifically designed hood along with modified grilles. Panels of rocker type are made exclusively to improve the overall look of the vehicle. Its spoilers are also attractive reminding of GT350. The upcoming car will offer you all the design elements you could have ever dreamt about.

You can also find famous badges being placed on the dashboard as well as head restraints. Mats on the floor, grilles, engine cover along with door sills are also carved with a legendary badge. So Shelby nature of the car is easily recognizable. All types of stripes across the body of the auto making it even closer to racing origins than you might have expected.

By the way, this model is produced by Shelby American. It is that very tuning company which is responsible for new Cobra, Super Snake as well as Shelby looking Raptor trucks. So, you are going to have wide tuning opportunities when obtaining this car. Thus, you can find numerous V8 kits with more than 750 horsepower along with all types of the drivetrain as well as chassis.

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