2017 Subaru Legacy built based on the eponymous concept


Japanese manufacturer have provided updated sixth generation of Subaru Legacy sedan. The car was built based on the eponymous concept car shown in 2013, but with a more modest appearance. In America Subaru Legacy 6 will be sold in 2017. On European market the car will appear not earlier than 2018.

2017 Subaru Legacy release date

In late 2016 Subaru Legacy will only be available in Japan. European and North American market will get the car in the middle of 2017.

Release date: middle 2017

2017 Subaru Legacy dimensions

Dimensions of the updated sixth generation Subaru Legacy sedan became a little larger and lower that had a positive effect on the aerodynamic qualities. Now the length of the body is 15,7 ft, length of wheel base 9 ft, width 6 ft, height 5 ft, a ground clearance of 6 inches.

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2017 Subaru Legacy price

So far no specific delivery time or the price of the new product were not announced. Upgrade pricing is not expected to be significantly higher than current models starting price will be about $23,000.

2017 Subaru Legacy interior

As for the interior in the Subaru legacy 2017 model year, it is began to look richer and better. This result was achieved due to the change in door panels, revising the layout on the front panel and the use of more expensive materials. According to the manufacturer, comfort level has increased, due to the new layout providing more space, improved level of noise insulation and visibility from the driver’s seat. The luggage compartment has also increased, now it is 15 cubic ft.

2017 Subaru Legacy accessories

As for the trim levels, the new 2017 Subaru Legacy will be able to boast a more impressive list of additional equipment, among which it is worth noting the active safety system EyeSight with lots of different sensors and a stereo camera, a new multimedia system with 7-inch touch screen and audio system with 12 speakers.

2017 Subaru Legacy specs

We can immediately note that the line of power units of the 2017 Subaru legacy is the same that was on the previous version of the car, though the engines have undergone a number of modifications, which have improved their environmental and economical figures.

Technical characteristics of the basic motor is already familiar to the FB25 motor with four cylinders and 2.5-liter displacement. The power unit after the upgrade was a little more powerful. Now maximum output is 175 horsepower and peak torque falls on the mark at 174 lb ft. The engine is paired with CVT transmission.

Performance data of the new Subaru legacy, are not disclosed, they are still only declassified data on fuel consumption, for city driving it is 26 mpg.

2017 Subaru Legacy engines

Flagship power unit became a well-known 256-HP 3.6-liter engine with maximum torque of 247 lb ft. The flagship, as well as other version will only agregated with continiously variable transmission, with which the average fuel consumption should not exceed 19 mpg.

2017 Subaru Legacy platform

Updated Subaru Legacy of sixth generation built on the same platform, significantly redesigned, replacing most of the components and chassis components.

As Subaru increased the rigidity of the body through high strength steel and completely revised the design of the rear subframe.

Suspension of the platform remained unchanged, all the same front MacPherson struts and independent rear multi-link. The braking system has not changed too – there are ventilated disc brakes in front and ordinary disc in rear. Only innovation can be considered an electric parking brake. Four-wheel drive system with electronic torque distribution is also available for sedan.

2017 Subaru Legacy video review

One platform on all future Subaru cars

Under its new policy, the company Subaru suppose to rebuild all of its cars and arm them with competitive advantages to secure the success, primarily in the North America and to achieve new record sales figures.

The company is preparing to launch the next generational change in 2016 and plans to develop a new single platform for all its cars – from the compact Subaru Impreza to a new generation of full-size 7-seated crossover – Tribeca successor. This will reduce costs and time for cars development and production.

In addition, in 2016, Subaru cars received a new generation of engines that use advanced technologies – direct injection, the operation of lean-burn and cylinder deactivating system.

Subaru is planning to finally develop its first hybrid power plant in 2017. The cars equipped with this setup will be sold in California and 12 other US States that also have severe emissions laws. The company said that the new hybrid will be a variant of the existing range.

2017 Subaru Legacy pictures

Editor's rating
4.5 overall
  • Safety4.6
  • Performance4.5
  • Design4.3
  • Features4.6
  • Fuel economy4.3

New 2017 model year Subaru Legacy could surprise us by completely new design. In terms of power unit, it more likely to stay the same.

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