Chinese Tesla Model S killer will appear in 2017


Chinese magnate Jia Yueting one and a half year ago founded “Faraday Future”, which is working to build its first full electric car.

2017 Tesla model S challenger from Asia

2017 Tesla Model S killer review

Faraday Future electric car characteristics will be alike the model S Tesla, and its issue is projected in 2017, when Tesla will present “folk sedan” model 3.

2017 Tesla model S competitor will build a new factory in US

2017 Tesla Model S killer specs

The concern to invest $1 billion in building a factory in Nevada, where located the Tesla Gigafactory. In addition, Faraday’s Future is renovating the ex-Nissan plant in southern California, which will be the  company American headquarters.

2017 Tesla model S competitor pulls frames

2017 Tesla Model S killer concept

One of the motives why Faraday Future is considered a worthy competitor to the Tesla is that the company is vigorously engaging the engineers of Ilon Mask company and other professionals. Faraday future head of research and development Nick Sampson, who was in control for the design of the Tesla model S chassis. The source also writes about the batteries specialist from the Space X, Ferrari designer and the main designer of the BMW i8. While the state employs 500 people, the end of the year, the company plans to hire another 100 employees.

2017 Tesla model s killer release date

2017 Tesla Model S killer redesign

Faraday Future In the name of the company later used the surname of Michael Faraday, who discovered electro-magnetic induction and built the first electric motor model.

The car promise to show to the public in 2017.

Release date: mid 2017

2017 Tesla model S history

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Car Tesla model S, the heart of which is a lithium-ion battery, was recognized as the fastest in the world among its own kind. Under which the company dragtimes, the Tesla car model S covered the distance of 400 meters to 12.3 With and easily bypassed the Dodge Viper SRT10.

2017 Tesla model s specs

2017 Tesla Model S killer facelift

It should be noted that from 0 to 60 mi/h Tesla model s car clocked in just 3.9 sec. at the same time the car’s speed does not depend on the battery level. After that the car travelled about 130 km at speeds up to 120 km/h it has returned to a 400-meter track and drove it for 12 seconds.

Tesla model S 2017 engine

2017 Tesla Model S killer price

The electric car Tesla model S uses the engine 416 HP and weighs 2 tons. It previously surpassed in execution speed Toyota Avalon, Cadillac ATS, BMW 3 series, Porsche 911, Subaru BRZ and Ford Fusion.

2017 Tesla model s video review

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