Next Generation Tesla Roadster Rumors – No More Lotus Chassis


The company Tesla has announced the release of a new model of Roadster second generation. Electric cars will appear in 2017. By this time, the company plans to abandon the Lotus chassis, as well as to bring several new developments.

Recall that the first Tesla Roadster was released in 2006. In 2008 he began to be mass-produced. Since that time, Tesla sold 2,5 thousand cars.

Speed Records

2017 Tesla Roadster facelift

First, the car even beat its own record for speed. The 2nd generation Roadster acceleration to 100 km/h in 2.8 s, while now – 2.9. That already made the car the fastest production sedan in history. Secondly, will increase the capacity of the battery. Now, without recharging, the car can cover 501 km and in 2017 – 643 km, for the same fuel size batteries.

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Increased Mileage

2017 Tesla Roadster egine specs

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The manufacturer has decided to update the model of the car Tesla Roadster. As explained by the head of the company, the distance run without recharging of the car will be six hundred forty kilometers. Then how to update their car in such a situation could be overcome only three hundred ninety-four kilometers.

In addition, the updated Tesla Roadster model will be revised to increase the maximum speed. Other characteristics of the model, in particular the time of its premiere, nothing is known. We only know that the car is gaining a hundred kilometers in three seconds after its launch. There is also evidence that prior to restyling the car could accelerate to one hundred km/h.


2017 Tesla Roadster concept

  • Body style: Roadster
  • Number of doors: 2
  • Number of seats: 2
  • Width: 1851 mm
  • Length: 3946 mm
  • Height: 1126 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2351 mm
  • Track front: 1456 mm
  • Rear track: 1485 mm
  • Ground clearance: 152 mm

New Platform

2017 Tesla Roadster video review

The new Roadster will be built on the fresh platform of the third generation, which will likely be a shortened version of the architecture developed for the model S.

It should be noted that each Tesla Roadster sold brought the company losses, however, according to the manual, the model helped to strengthen the reputation of Tesla and the electric car in the world in General. “The Roadster make “General motors” to develop the Chevrolet Volt,” said Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla. “We tried to change the automotive industry, and we succeeded,” stated Musk.

Brief History

The company Tesla motors was created eleven years ago. It specializes in the production of electric vehicles. For six years present in the market, introducing the sports car Tesla Roadster. Two years ago the company developed a car-a sedan model S. the Central office is located in the Californian city of Palo Alto, where in this structure employs over two thousand employees.
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