2017 Toyota Celica – could it became more futuristic?


Sports coupe 2017 Toyota Celica updated countless times. The last change helped to create a truly stylish, elegant, presentable car. The appearance of the seventh generation is literally bursting with sportiness.

The car boasts lots of original features, sharp corners and elegant transitions. Additional charm gives the car original grille, massive front bumper with large air intake slot.

2017 Toyota Celica changes

2017 Toyota Celica redesign

Front severely flooded, making the windshield changed the angle, which contributes to good visibility.

The sloping roof of the coupe. Making a small roll, it smoothly into the rear rack and the glass. Luxuriously look side mirrors equipped with turn signals. It is surprising that almost every detail of the exterior at the same time performs a practical function. The unusual shape of the washer nozzles, as well as a clear verge on each side of the new body of 2017 Toyota Celica enabled to significantly improve the aerodynamic data of the car.

2017 Toyota Celica price

Behind 2017 Toyota Celica offers a wide spoiler, which acts as a wing. No less impressive look large rear lights, which have become noticeable. A large area of the rear glass contributes to excellent visibility. Regarding the dimensions of Toyota Celica 2015 2016, they are quite appropriate for this class of vehicle. Its length is 4165 mm, width 1600 mm, height-1310 mm.

2017 Toyota Celica exterior

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2017 Toyota Celica interior

Planting the coupe is quite low. But the level of comfort, quality of materials is just gorgeous. Wide door openings facilitate easy boarding facilities, and new seats purchased high lateral support, anatomical backrest.

A pleasant surprise is a new steering column, which is equipped with a large number of adjustments. Amazed by a large glass area, which contributes to good visibility. A little disappointed with the rear view mirror. It is awkward and uninformative.

Loved the 2017 Toyota Celica center console. Now it is topped with a stylish, sporty baffle, many buttons to deal with that is easy. An additional advantage was neat sports wheel. I did not expect in a car of this level will be hard plastic. Compared to other materials it looks kind of ridiculous. Also disappointed the noise isolation, which is also not valid for this class.

2017 Toyota Celica interior

2017 Toyota Celica Equipment:

  • the climate control;
  • full electric package;
  • six airbags;
  • the newest navigation system;
  • system ABS, electronic stability, help when starting on the rise;
  • on-Board computer;
  • system cruise control;
  • steering column adjustment;
  • heating, ventilation front seats.

2017 Toyota Celica redesign

2017 Toyota Celica engines

By equipping a car with two options of high-tech new generation engines, the creators managed to improve its dynamic performance.

Engine Power Consumption Max acceleration Max speed

1,8            143       6,2-10,3             8,7                      205

2,0           182       7,5-11,6              6,5                      205
Both the petrol engine will be equipped with 5-step manual or 4-band “automatic”.

2017 Toyota Celica price

2017 Toyota Celica price

The cost of the basic version starts from $ 550, 000. Unfortunately you cannot buy a brand new car yet, because its production was stopped in 2006. However, in the secondary market quite really to watch a decent option for normal money.

2017 Toyota Celica facelift

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2017 Toyota Celica release date

As was seen no test mules and tests of the car, it can be assumed that the start of sales is scheduled for early 2017 or even later.

Release date: early 2017

2017 Toyota Celica concept

2017 Toyota Celica video review


2017 Toyota Celica pictures



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