2017 Toyota Fortuner – noticeable upgrade to the SUV


Toyota have revealed a raft of changes for their line-up over the last couple of years, but in particular, their SUV’s and pickups.

2017 Toyota Fortuner release date

The new 2017 Toyota Fortuner will be released on sale in Australia in October this year, potentially going head-to-head with the Land Cruiser Prado.

Release date: October 2016

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2017 Toyota Fortuner redesign

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Toyota fans are in a booming market right now, with the release of the Tacoma and the new Hi Lux updates not long being released, Toyota are now offering the next generation Fortuner; a powerful, 7-seat SUV.

This model is little known in Europe, it was developed by the Thai based facility specifically for the Asian, South American and Australian markets.

The 2017 Toyota Fortuner will be the second generation of this popular model, the first being in production since 2005, with little change or update.

This next-gen Fortuner has been redesigned externally, internally and is fitted with a fair bit of technology.

2017 Toyota Fortuner dimensions

The Fortuner shares the same platform as the 8th generation Hi Lux, and due to this, the size has increased from the previous model; 3.5” longer and 0.5” wider. However, the overall height has been reduced (by an un-noticeable 0.5”) and the wheelbase is slightly shorter at 108”, ground clearance is the same as before – 8.8”.

2017 Toyota Fortuner exterior

The updated 2017 Fortuner can be described as … original.

The most striking part of the design is the front-end; it gives an overall impression of being long and narrow and incorporated new headlights, redesigned grille and an aggressively styled front fender which houses the air intake and fog lights.

Perhaps the thing that is most visual though is the use of chrome plated parts; there is a lot of ‘bling’ on the front of the Fortuner.

Interior of 2017 Toyota Fortuner

Within the Fortuner, you’ll find some elements that have been directly lifted from the Hilux production line including the steering wheel and instrument panel. However, the rest of it is Fortuner, albeit with influences of the Hi Lux.
There is a new touchscreen display system which controls the media system and climate control, and even the base model has rear view camera, dual-zone climate, cool box, 7 airbags, LED headlights, parking sensors keyless entry and push button engine start.

2017 Toyota Fortuner engine and specs

There is an all-new power plant for the Fortuner; a 2.8 liter turbo diesel engine, producing just 177 BHP but 309 lb/ft of torque at just 3400 RPM.

Two choices of transmission; both 6-speed but one manual and the other full auto.

2017 Toyota Fortuner new diesel

The new engine has been developed by Toyota specifically for the Fortuner, and it is quite technically advanced; a high pressure diesel with direct injection and variable geometry turbo charger.

The pistons have been coated in a blend of aluminum anodizing and silicon dioxide to help reduce heat loss, which would mean less efficiency.

Thanks to the modern design and technology used, the engine complies with all Euro-5 standards, and will return about 29 MPG on a combined run.

The Fortuner will be available in a number of markets, and as such, will have other powertrain options aside from the 2.8 liter; 2.4 liter & 2.7 liter diesel engines producing 150 BHP and 166 BHP respectively.

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2017 Toyota Fortuner video review

2017 Toyota Fortuner drive layout

The full-sized SUV comes with switchable AWD along with a low-range transmission and locking rear differential. Suspension is double wishbone front and 5-link rear.

2017 Toyota Fortuner towing capacity

The cargo carrying capacity of the Fortuner isn’t limited to luggage, the auto transmission SUV can pull a trailer up to a weight of 2.8 tons while the manual can increase that up to 3.0 tons.

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Totally upgraded 2017 model year Toyota Fortuner to get completely new design of a body, powerful petrol and diesel engines and updated interior.

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