Next Toyota Supra Price and Features Will Be Beyond Expected


Back in January 2013, Toyota and BMW signed a collaboration agreement, the purpose of which is to develop new cars, powertrain technology, fuel cells, batteries and some composite materials, hopefully seeing the first results by 2020.

According to Tetsuya Tada, the chief engineer of the new project and who oversaw the development of the GT-86 car, the head of Toyota personally asked him to create a pre-production version of the Toyota Supra prototype in the shortest possible time.
We expect the premiere to be held in Tokyo.

Release date: early 2017

Supra Concept

Recently, the collaboration revealed the first prototype from the joint effort; a mid-size sports car, which is expected to be the replacement for the ever popular Toyota Supra.
The debut of the car is thought to happen at the Tokyo motor show, with orders being placed and production due to start in 2017.

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Prices are expected to start around $45,000 for the base model.

More Like FT-1

The Toyota Supra will be built upon the same platform as the Toyota GT-86, and rumors also say that an updated version of that platform will be used in the BMW Z4. There are no pictures (either official or otherwise) of the new Supra, but there are some computer renderings; it is said to resemble the concept car, the FT-HS which was shown as far back as 2007 at the Detroit motor show. Information also leads us to believe that the chassis, suspension and steering will be the responsibility of BMW.

Many industry experts say that Toyota FT-1 concept car is the inspiration behind the new car.

It is difficult to say much about the interior; no information exists, but if they keep with the theme of the concept car, we can expect to see well-trimmed leather, classic (analogue style) speedo and tacho and an uncluttered dash.

Engine Used

Rumors say that the power will be hybrid, and a base version will have a four-cylinder turbocharged engine, an even sportier version could have a six-cylinder engine (we know that BMW love six’s). Power is expected to be in the region of 400 BHP.

Industry sources say that BMW are already developing a new straight-six engine for use in the next-gen Z4.
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Toyota is storngly need a more powerful sportcar than current GT86 and new Supra might fix this problem.

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