New TRD Version of Tacoma Designed For Off-Road


Toyota offers you a unique experience. Those of you who love being challenged by off-road obstacles will enjoy 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD. This truck cannot be stopped providing more features than a standard Tacoma does. Upgraded exterior design along with numerous advantages will make your travel over off-road area simple and pleasant.

Even though off-road experience is never cheap to get upcoming Tacoma TRD with manual gearbox is going to be as much as $43,700-$41,700.

Off-Road Styling

New Tacoma TRD is a strong competitor on the market of trucks. This model uses interesting suspension which includes 2.5-inch shocks by Fox. They are of aluminum and have an internal bypass design. As a result, dampening and input forces are improved. Units by Fox are combined with rear leaf springs of progressive-rate which were created specifically for this model. New rubber is provided by Goodyear. This Kevlar-reinforced feature is used to improve 16-inch wheels. Thus, front and rear spans are an inch wider. They are combined with skid plate of aluminum which provides better protection against dirt and different particles.

To some extent, 2017 Tacoma TRD can compete with Ford F-150 SVT Raptor owing to facilities which make this model faster even in the off-road environment. In addition, the front part of the body is made with the anti-roll bar which is good for the stability of the vehicle. Its steering is light enough, though. New Tacoma is offered as 4WD with traction and stability control system which makes the process of handling the car much easier. 2WD is also on offer with the same features.

Crawling With V6

This truck uses the 3.5-ltre engine of V6 type. This engine can be compared to the one used by Camry or the latest version of Highlander SUV. The output power of this unit is 278 HP along with 265 pound-feet of torque. You can choose between two modes of how the engine will work.

One of them is a traditional mode while another one offers you fuel-efficient opportunities. The powerplant is paired with six-speed automatic transmission. The manual transmission is offered as well with more electronics which is good for off-road maneuvers at low speed. There is Crawl Control onboard which automatically adjusts to your driving style.

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Inside Part

The inside part of the truck has not been changed that much. You still have to duck to enter it. You can enjoy standard leather seats of black color and TRD logos on mats and steering wheel.

There are JBL speakers, navigation system and opportunities to download apps. In addition, you can use 7-inch touchscreen which is far from being very sophisticated. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are not supported. Safety features include blind-spot monitoring as well as rear-park assistance along with other standard functions.
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