The 2017 Volkswagen Bus Might Be The Future Classic


Volkswagen came about in the 1930’s, it was Germany’s answer to a car for the masses, in fact the name means “People’s Car”. Volkswagen introduced the ‘bus’ concept to the world in 1949, and it has gone on to capture the hearts and minds of generations afterwards.

There has been plenty of rumor and speculation regarding the revival of the Volkswagen Bus, there’s plenty of websites saying that it is arriving imminently, but … nothing has been confirmed either way by Volkswagen – other than an electric concept being productionized for 2020.

Other rumors say that the 2017 Volkswagen Microbus will be on sale at the end of 2017, but given that nothing has been revealed about the specs (even whether it is pure Electric Vehicle, Hybrid or traditionally powered), we’d be surprised if we see it that soon; normally at this point, we’d have seen spy shots of a vehicle, but there has been nothing.

We think that Volkswagen are indeed planning a release of the Bus for later this year, but it won’t be the ID Buzz concept that is being released in a couple of years – perhaps the forerunner to that concept.

Just How Much Will The New 2017 Volkswagen Bus Cost?


1. How Much Will It Cost
2. Like the Original, only smaller
3. VW Bus Will be powered by…
4. Cool and Funky

This is where things get difficult; pricing will be entirely dependent on what the Microbus will be – Electric, Hybrid or Internal Combustion. At the lower end of the pricing, we would expect to see a starting price of around $29,000, however, if Volkswagen take the all-electric route, we think you’ll be looking closer to $37,000 as a minimum.

We know that the ID Buzz is going to be electric, it wasn’t that long ago that Volkswagen announced they would be concentrating their marketing efforts on all-electric vehicles – a direction change that came about as a result of that scandal.

We’re also aware that legislation regarding global fuel emissions will have an impact on how any manufacturer, not just Volkswagen, needs to lower the emissions of their products on a global scale it will all have an impact of the future of motoring.

Like The Original, Only Smaller

Given that this will be a brand-new model, we don’t need to look at changes, rather, what we expect to see if the Volkswagen Microbus does make it to production.
One thing is for sure – Volkswagen’s development chief, Hans-Jakob Neusser has said that any concept for the Microbus must retain three key points for design; a wide, solid D-pillar, boxy design of the center section and very short overhang.

Whether this translates to a Volkswagen Camper style bus but just smaller remains to be seen – we hope it does because that is going to be something new and fresh. Normally when manufacturers try something new, it tends to go a bit wrong, but from what we’ve heard, the new Volkswagen Bus should be a massive hit.

The 2017 Volkswagen Bus Will Be Powered By…

Powertrain could be a traditional internal combustion motor; 2.0 liter turbo charged 4-cylinder producing 200 BHP or all-electric – Volkswagen are confident of producing a vehicle with a range of between 250 – 300 miles thanks to the physical size of the Microbus, packaging the electric system would be relatively easy, or perhaps Volkswagen would go for the best of both worlds – a hybrid.

The Bus has always had a bit of the ‘free-spirit’ fan-base, and what better way for them to recapture that market with an ‘green’ bus – zero emissions would go down well with that demographic, this could be the key to the success of the new Bus.

We honestly think that Volkswagen will be concentrating more on the full Electric Vehicle market as they reduce the need for diesel power – it seems as though the problems with emissions has hit them harder than the world realises – they were close to going under.

There is of course another option available to them – a small 1.4 liter turbo charged gas engine. At first thought, you’d have to say that it would be underpowered, but let’s not forget … this Bus won’t be anywhere the size of the old one, although of course, it will weigh considerably more thanks to the need for safety equipment and technology.

Cool & Funky

Looking at the renderings available, you’d have to say that this new Microbus will carry on where the last one left off – capturing the world’s attention thanks to its fantastic looks.

Will Volkswagen be offering a comprehensive list of options? What about a ‘pop top’ for extending the roof? Or a full camper style version? Surely they have to launch these versions alongside the standard one – that’s what made the original bus so cool.

Imagine a new 2017 VW Bus with the classic red and white camper style roof – that’s a proper retro look, and one that is sure to be popular.

We can’t wait for the arrival of the new Volkswagen bus, it would certainly be in our fantasy garage, right alongside the classic Porsche 911 and Land Rover Defender.

Are you looking forward to the arrival of the new 2017 Volkswagen Bus? Have Volkswagen made the right decision in bringing it back? Are you expecting them to offer different versions like a camper?
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Fans really want Volkswagen to resurrect its famous Buses, which has become legendary back in 1960s.

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