New Volvo S90 Will Get Sophisticated Hybrid Powertrain


The Volvo car has always been distinguished by its quality in safety. The new Volvo S90 2017 improved to the maximum.

Speaking of Volvo cars, many car enthusiasts immediately recall the reliability and safety of this brand. More than once I had to see a video of crash tests or the situation with an accident, where Volvo cars coped with the non-standard situation to the maximum. In January 2016, in Detroit (USA), the company officially unveiled its flagship S90 sedan, which has already gone on sale to dealerships.

Looks Bigger Than Actually Is

Immediately draw attention to the design, from the previous generation of the Volvo S90 remained except that the large forms of the sedan, the rest of everything was completely changed beyond recognition. The front part of the car in the area of the lattice “ruban”, all the parts are located vertically with respect to the ground. It says that the aerodynamics of the car was not in the first place for engineers.

The radiator grille is made of vertical strips, slightly concave towards the radiator. As expected, on the diagonal of the grille, the Volvo emblem was placed, and the chrome edging around the entire perimeter of the grille. In the emblem of the car, engineers mounted a video camera, which indicates the presence of a system of circular view. At the level of the upper part of the grille is a modern front optics. Expressive and divided optics on the top and bottom, well underlines the design of the new Volvo S90. The division of the front headlight is made thanks to daytime running lights based on LEDs, like all optics.

Slightly lower on the bumper designers arranged headlight washer, under them two holes for the location of sensors and sensors, with chrome inserts in a circle. The lowest part consists of a splitter, on the sides there are LED fog lights, and in the middle there are horizontal bands with sensors for different systems.

One of The Best Interior in Class

The interior of the Volvo S90 is really thought out as much as possible, not only for comfort and design, but also for the safety of the driver and passengers. On the front panel the first thing that catches your eye is the large 9.3 inch touchscreen display. It focuses most of the car’s functions, which can easily be adjusted at will. At the bottom of the display of the new S90 is the climate control menu, in contrast to the display itself, this part of the menu is constantly in the active mode.

To the sides of the display, unusually long and large openings for air supply, and below the display a small control panel with emergency stop buttons, audio controls, heated seats and glass. The driver’s part is really thought out as much as possible, so as not to reach the right buttons and levers. According to innovations, the instrument panel is based on the display instead of analog sensors. On the left there is a speedometer, and on the right there is a tachometer, but at the driver’s request the location and color on the instrument panel can be changed, thanks to the already sewn samples.

The new S90 steering wheel is made in classic style for Volvo, two horizontal spokes and one vertical. In the middle, the emblem of Volvo was placed. On the horizontal spokes arranged touch buttons multimedia control.

New Platform and Efficient Engines

To begin with, consider a gasoline turbocharged engine, they will be two-liter and 4-cylinder, for the Volvo S90 T5, the unit will be able to deliver 249 hp, and for the S90 T6 will give 320 horses. This difference is due to a different drive. For the S90 T5, an automatic eight-stage drive unit with a front drive will be installed in pairs with the engine, and for the S90 T6 the drive will be complete with a similar gearbox.

Consider the parameters for the Volvo S90 T5, the maximum torque is 5500 rpm. The fuel consumption is 9.8 liters. Around the city and 6.72 liters. Outside the city for 100 km. Acceleration to 100 km / h will take 6.7 seconds, which is a bit too much, as for such a sedan. But do not forget that the Volvo S90 counted on comfort, not speed. The maximum speed is 210 km / h.

As for the second petrol unit Volvo S90 T6, its torque will be 5700 rpm. Accordingly, fuel consumption will increase, in the city it will be 11.2 liters, and in the countryside 7.35 liters / 100 kilometers. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h will take 5.1 seconds, which is 1.6 s. Faster than the S90 T5. The maximum speed remained the same.

The third variant of engines is diesel in the Volvo S90 D5. The volume of diesel is 2 liters, and the capacity is 235 horses, the maximum torque is 480 Nm (4000 rpm). In pair to the engine the automatic eight-step transmission will be established. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h will take 7,3 seconds. The drive will be full, that is 4WD. The fuel consumption will be 4.8 l / 100 km.

Hybrid Modification

In addition to the above engines Volvo S90, there will be another unique gasoline T8 TwinEngine. This is a hybrid car kit, equipped with two types of engine with a total capacity of 410 hp. As the engineers promise, the consumption of such a complete set of Volvo will be 1.9 l / 100 km, and on the electronic charge it will be enough to drive 50 km. To charge such a hybrid will be possible from a regular electrical network. What parameters of overclocking the company does not suggest, but judging from all faster than 5.1 s.

Advanced Safety Systems

Not for anyone, it’s no secret that Volvo cars are universally recognized as the safest cars. Engineers have not bypassed the new S90, having implemented the maximum set of auxiliary safety functions.

First of all, these Volvo cars are famous for the number of airbags both inside and outside. Inside, the engineers, in addition to the standard pillows of the passenger and the driver, introduced foot-rest cushions (under the front panel). Side curtain pillows were installed along the entire perimeter, for protection against side impact. In other words, the driver and passengers of the new Volvo S90 fully wraps in the airbags, thereby maximizing protection. It is worth noting the presence of an emergency stop system in case of an accident. Shading curtains for side windows.

The windscreen is fenced off by two airbags, inside and out. Inside to protect the driver and the passenger. The external airbag Volvo in the large part is designed to protect the pedestrian in a collision, this development has been introduced since 2012.

From innovations it is possible to note the presence of an animal detection system, pedestrians, cyclists. After detection, thanks to the projection display, the information is displayed on the windscreen. Having found and recognizing the object, the system will instantly notify the driver of the approach of safety. Run-off Road Mitigation will allow you to take the Volvo S90 out of the roadside in an emergency situation, turning the steering wheel in the right direction and slowing down, but still the driver’s actions will be in priority.
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