2017 Yamaha R1 – MotoGP Bike On Public Roads


Yamaha first introduced the R1 back in 1998, it was designed to take full advantage of the Genesis motor that had been redeveloped to give more power. It certainly made the most of the updated engine; soon becoming one of the best handling liter+ sports bikes available, it also took the fight to Honda after the introduction of the legendary Fireblade.
Yamaha have pushed on with the development of the R1, they now market it as ‘blurring the line between MotoGP and production superbike’; looking at the tech fitted, we’d have to agree!

2017 Yamaha R1 Release date

The 2017 Yamaha R1 will be available and in the showrooms from April 2017; later than we’d expect, but at least it’s not the end of the year!

2017 Yamaha R1 Price

Official pricing for the 2017 R1 is $16,699, but even when new in the showroom, expect that price to be discounted by individual dealers, based on your haggling skills.

2017 Yamaha R1 Changes

The R1 will be available in just two colors; Team Yamaha Blue and Raven Black. Our preference would normally be black – it looks menacing but in this case, you should really pick the team color, especially if you have dreams of being the next Rossi.

For 2017, Yamaha have updated a number of things, including the engine; the 998cc inline four makes near enough 200 BHP thanks to a completely new design and engineering, it features a cross-plane crank and fracture split titanium conrods – a first for a production bike.

2017 Yamaha R1 Equipment

To cope with all the power, the R1 is fitted with a complex and state of art electronic control system, inspired by the MotoGP bikes, it includes launch control, quick shift system, lift control, slide control and a variable traction control system – it really does feel as though you’re stepping on to a full blown MotoGP bike, and with 200 BHP on tap, it’s certainly useful; a short wheelbase and lightweight means the front wheel will be constantly going skyward when you’re pushing on.

2017 Yamaha R1 Styling

As you may expect, the styling is also lifted from the race bike, it gives the big Yam an aggressive yet purposeful look, you get the feeling that everything has been designed for a reason, including the little aero tweaks that helps to keep you on the road, rather than doing some unexpected landscaping.
We think that the new R1 is one of the best looking liter plus sports bikes on the market.

What do you think? Leave a comment and let us know.

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