2017 Yamaha SCR950 Is The Redesigned Bolt


Yamaha introduced the SCR950 last year, it’s basically a redesigned Yamaha Bolt. Styled as a vintage scrambler, but it’s more at home cruising around highways and city roads than anything slightly resembling a trail, although you can take it off road – if you’re brave enough. Yamaha call it ‘neo-retro’ styling and it’s the latest model in their Sport Heritage lineup, which seems to be a really popular design theme for Yamaha, but then we know that there are many manufacturers all doing retro, perhaps the most popular is Triumph, having just released their Bobber.

2017 Yamaha SCR950 Release and Pricing

The 2017 Yamaha SCR950 has been in the showrooms since July 2016. It has been really well received; there’s enough cool for everyone, power levels are just enough for experienced riders to keep entertained, but not too much to put new riders off. This is where Yamaha have aced it; the list price for the SCR950 is just $8,699 – perfectly placed to attract the buyers and compete with the likes of Triumph and other retro styled bikes. Of course, Yamaha have plenty of options that you can dress the bike up with, all extra.

2017 SCR950 Changes

This is a brand new bike, introduced as a 2017 model, although it is based on the Bolt. A few years ago, Yamaha offered a number of bikes to some independent bike builders, the SCR950 is almost identical to one of those specials, although Yamaha are adamant that they had plans in place already. As we’ve said, the SCR is a retro styled scrambler, we think it’s very reminiscent to the XT range of Yam’s of the 70’s and 80’s, we love the flat seat, high bars and retro-racing style side number plates fitted.

Yamaha SCR950 2017 Tech

The 60o 942cc V-twin motor is never going to win any drag race competitions, it makes just 51 BHP and 58 lb/ft of torque, but it’s enough to be fun. Despite looking retro, the motor has some nice features, including roller rockers, 4 valves per cylinder and ceramic-composite plated cylinders – it has quite a few modern touches. Having said that, it’ll cruise all day long at 70 MPH, but gets a little wheezy at anything over 85 MPH. Strangely, Yamaha have decided to fit a belt for the final drive; it’s fine when using the bike for normal road work, but anything off road starts stressing the drive – get a little muddy or sandy and you’ll soon run into trouble. Available in Charcoal Silver and Rapid Red (everyone always says that Red is the fastest color!).

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