Yamaha TMAX Means Maximum Mobility


Yamaha TMAX scooter is back. The 2017 model is updated. A lot of work has been done to make it even better than it was. TMAX used to be number one hit in Europe so Yamaha has done its best to present new competitive TMAX.

Three Types

In fact, the new scooter is released as TMAX, TMAX SX and TMAX DX which are much different from the previous generation which is much loved by its fans. 2017 Yamaha TMAX 530 is made for those who want to express their individuality because it can be customized in a number of ways. Yamaha describes it as a blank canvas for people who are ready to add their own parts or accessories to it. So you don’t need to depend on ready-made decisions, you can simply make this scooter unique by yourself.

If you choose TMAX SX you can rely on more sporty experience. This model includes special modes which are good for those who expect sports experience. It also offers attractive colors to choose from.

The top model of this series is known as TMAX DX. It can boast about a lot of electronics of the first class. D-MODE is also here. Yamaha has also equipped this variant of the scooter with Cruise Control function. In addition, you can enjoy a screen which is adjustable. The grips and seat of this scooter are heated to make your ride even more comfortable.

Belt Drive

This scooter has been always using 499cc but things have changed. 2017 Yamaha TMAX is equipped with the 530cc engine. There’s no more chain drive. Now the scooter uses a belt. You can completely forget about the frame of steel as well because the scooter is made of aluminum materials and loses a lot of weight as a result. The scooter also includes conventional forks this time.

In addition, this model is equipped with the YCC-T system along with CVT. So its performance has become smooth but more impressive.

Acceleration has increased owing to an upswept muffler which hasn’t been used before. If you’re still not satisfied with what Yamaha offers, how about a new Traction Control System?

What else is new in 2017 Yamaha TMAX? The under seat storage has been widened significantly so it’s enough to store two helmets inside. The TFT panel has been updated as well. The scooter is provided with Smart Key technology which makes it possible to start your engine and unlock seats.

The basic price for this scooter is $11,500. It’s good to know that this price covers On-the-Road preparation charges, delivery, and some other aspects.

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