2018 Audi RS7 Rumors Suggest Over 600 HP Beast


Very little official information exists for the new RS7, although there is plenty of rumor and speculation surrounding it; some of it confirmed, some of it could still be wild speculation. However, looking at current models, features and production schedules gives us a good idea of what to expect (and when to expect it).

It seems that the new 2018 Audi RS7 is going to be an animal – a wolf wrapped in sheep’s clothing if you will (if that sheep had been on a diet of meat and been working out at the sheep gym).

2018 Audi RS7 Release date

We are pretty sure that we won’t be seeing the 2018 Audi RS7 anytime before the third quarter of 2017, perhaps even later in the year; Audi haven’t said when we can expect to see it, but given that we haven’t seen anything of it, it would have to be then at the earliest.

2018 Audi RS7 release date: Q3 2017

2018 Audi RS7 Price

No official information has been released regarding prices, at least not in the U.S., but industry sources say that over in Europe, or more precisely, England, they are expecting to pay close to £85,000. If that figure directly translates in to $, it would mean a starting price of around $106,000.

2018 Audi RS7 Video

2018 Audi RS7 Interior

Expect the finest levels of trim in the cabin, high quality leather upholstery, sporty accents and a high level of technology fitted; Audi have been working hard on developing some new driver systems and aids, you can almost guarantee that they’ll see the inside of the RS7.

2018 Audi RS7 Redesign and changes

There will be a number of different editions in the RS7 line up, some including carbon-ceramic brakes and active & dynamic suspension, but the overall picture is the same.
Let’s start with the shouty bit; under the hood will be a twin turbo 4.0 liter V8, using Audi’s electric turbo charging system to reduce lag, this will be producing at least 605 BHP and 533 lb/ft of torque, which means (an unrestricted) top speed of 190 MPH. Power will be sent to all four wheels via an 8-speed dual clutch auto transmission with manual mode, featuring paddle shifters behind the steering wheel.

2018 Audi RS7 Specs

The car will sit on fat 20” alloy wheels and have aero tweaks on the body, not only will this help with handling in the more twisty stuff, but will also give the car an ultra menacing look, without going over the top, after all, this is still a luxury style sedan at heart.

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The new RS7 is promising to be one of the fastest Audi sedan - over 600 HP and almost 200 MPH of top speed is very impressive.

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