Audi S6 For 2018 Model Year Will Bring The New Performance Level


Very little information is known about the new for 2018 model year Audi S6, there are a number of rumors but little solid fact. However, we have spoken to our sources and gathered up the information to bring together an article of what we think the new A6 model will be like; performance, style, pricing … everything you need to know if you’re looking to purchase one.

We believe that the new 2018 Audi S6 will be available in late 2017, after debuting at the European Motor Show. This should mean the last quarter of 2017; we’d guess late September or October.

Despite undergoing significant changes, Audi need the price to remain competitive with their main rivals, this means prices for the base models should start around $46,000, but as with most of the German manufacturers, options are many and they can push the price up significantly.

Predatory Design

The overall design of the S6 should remain very similar to the existing model, however, we do think that Audi will upgrade and tweak the aero package attached to it; it’s relatively easy to do and gives good results, in other words, it’s an easy win for Audi.

The same could be said for the grille and lighting; changing or redesigning them has a significant effect on the appearance of the vehicle for very little investment (in relative terms). So expect them to redesigned for the new model, including the tail lights also. We also think the fog lights will be converted to LED.

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Turbocharged Engines

Under the hood is where most speculation remains, but we’re fairly sure that we’ll see two choices for motor, at least on the release, perhaps diesel (yes, in even the U.S.) and a hybrid version will come later in the production cycle.

But for release, we think there will be a turbo charged 4-cylinder 2.0 liter which produces between 240 – 260 BHP and then a naturally aspirated V6 that should see 300+ BHP. All motors will be coupled to an 8-speed auto transmission and drive will be sent to the front wheels on the base model, but there will of course be an all-wheel Quattro option.

Interior Full of Tech

Inside, the cabin will get minor updates, mainly centering around tech; Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth and USB, and some of the safety systems already fitted will be updated. As to whether Audi will fit their semi-autonomous driving system to the S6 remains to be seen.
  • TexasLeg

    If I read your article correctly, you are predicting that the Audi S6 for 2018 will drop from a 4.0 liter 450 hp twin turbo V8, currently available in the 2017 model for the U.S. market, to a choice of two engines, with the most powerful being a naturally aspirated V6 putting out ONLY 300 hp? In the S6 model? Are you serious? I’ll believe that when I see it! The dual engine lineup you are anticipating for the ’18 S6 sounds just like the current engine options for the 2017 A6. I think you should back and “lick that calf over” one more time.

    • Russell Knapp

      I agree with you Tex. That being said I think they were referring to the A6 instead of the S6 regarding the engines. Just my guess.

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The new S6 2018 will compete with M550i and E-class in the segment of high-performance premium mid-size sedan. And Audi has something to show.

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