2018 BMW 3 series: new design, higher quality


According to the first information about the new generation of the legendary 3 series successor, will be released in 2018. It is expected 2018 BMW 3 series will get a new G20 codename.

BMW is planning a new 3-Series to become the market leader and beat the current competitors in this segment, which have recently seized the initiative (Mercedes C-Class and Jaguar XE). For the Bavarian company 3-Series plays an important role – on a global scale it is still 25 percent of BMW sales.

2018 BMW 3 series release date

At the end of 2018 the company will present the new BMW 3 Series codenamed G20, which will replace the current generation of cars produced under the F30 designation. The new model should establish a new standard of luxury and premium sedans among the middle class.

Release date: late 2018

2018 BMW 3 series price

Most likely, the price of the new 2018 BMW 3 series will increase slightly. Basic trim level car will cost about $ 36,000.

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2018 BMW 3 series redesign

In order to succeed the new 3-Series, car producer must radically update and improve the quality and style of the interior, not giving critics food for thought.

the car will receive a new body, which will have much less air resistance. So according to some sources, new body will have changed the proportions. As expected the new look will be combined with muscular forms and sleek sporty lines.

2018 BMW 3 series video

2018 BMW 3 series specs

2018 BMW 3 series G20 is based on a new architecture of CLAR. This new platform was created in order to form the backbone of all future BMW rear-wheel drive cars.

According to a source at BMW, the company is currently preparing a new infotainment system specifically for the 3-series, which will be equipped with the new iDrive system, gestures control system and many other new features.

On the technical part the model will continue to be rear-wheel drive, as well as with optional all-wheel drive system xDrive. Weight distribution will tend to the ideal ratio of 50:50.

The new 3-series in 2018 will be equipped with three-cylinder turbo engines and the current four-cylinder ones. Top-end six-cylinder engines with turbochargers will also remain. As expected, all power units by 2018 will be further developed in order to increase power and reduce fuel consumption.

2018 model also involves equipping a hybrid power plant. However, no further details were reported.

Unlike the Mercedes C-Class and the new BMW 5 Series, 2018 BMW 3 series will not be available with the optional air suspension. But the novelty will receive adjustable shock absorbers, anti-roll changeover, the second generation of Active Steering and the new ABS and DSC systems.

2018 BMW 3 series equipment

As experts predict, the new model will be bet on the quality of finishing materials and overall building quality. BMW wants a luxury car in this price segment is fully consistent with its value. BMW intends to use to trim only the exclusive and expensive materials to owners of the 3-series for providing the same feeling as for 7-series owners.

But in order to reduce the gap with competitors the quality trim and the exterior of the new course will be small. Therefore, the G20 is supposed to use higher-quality parts and components.

This is a good trend, but with this approach serious increase in value of the car is possible, which puts him beyond the scope of the class, and can be a great disadvantage compared to its competitors.

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The perfect example of compact premium sedan - new 3-series BMW is promising to be not only more powerful and fuel efficient, but also will have higher quality.

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