How Much Has BMW Changed in the 2018 Model Year 4-Series?


When BMW first launched the 4 Series, they intended it to become something a little more special and better equipped than the legendary 3 Series, and it seems as though they’ve got it right in the sweet-spot.

The 4 Series just has that extra level of refinement that’s been missing for a while, and for 2018, BMW upped the game again.

We’ve already had official confirmation of the 2018 BMW 4 Series, we know when it’s going to be launched (at least within a month or two) and the prices that the range will sell for, but what else is new? If you listen to some industry insiders, not a lot, but the reality is somewhat different to that – this is what we know so far.

BMW have updated the 4 Series more than we think

At first glance, the 2018 4 Series looks to have only had minor updates, mainly centering around the headlights – gone are the old looking elements to be replaced by something completely new and fresh.

As for the rest of the exterior styling, you’d be hard-pressed to see much difference, but the lighting has made a dramatic difference to the appearance of the new 4. Strangely, we’d never questioned the predecessor’s headlights, and it’s only now with the new version that we can see just how dated they looked – these new lighting units transform the look of the front end of the mid-range Beemer. The 2018 4 Series is available as a Coupe or Convertible, and BMW will be offering them in a range of colors – ten standard colors and four BMW Individual catalog colors for the Convertible, while the Coupe gets nine standard colors and five from the Individual catalog – these extra colors will add $1,950 to the sticker price should you choose one.

While BMW have plans for a ‘Gran Coupe’ later in the production cycle, it certainly won’t make it in time for the 2017 launch, but if that’s going to be your thing, you’ll probably only have to wait a few extra months for it to hit the showrooms.

As for trim levels, we aren’t sure how BMW will do that, but we do know that there is a range of packages that can be bolted on – we suspect that’s how they’ll work – instead of different trim levels, BMW will sell you a package.

These include Essentials, Premium, Luxury, M Sport and Executive packages, but even then, there’s still options that can be bundled on top of those; a heated steering wheel, Head’s Up Display, M adaptive suspension and wireless charging to name a few.

Bi-LED headlights are standard, with an option to upgrade to full LED if you wish. The taillights are all LED and look fantastic – if all you could see was the taillights, you’d instinctively know that it’s a BMW.

Updated suspension, interior, and iDrive for the 2018 BMW 4 Series

As for the rest of the changes that aren’t so obvious, BMW have completely updated and upgraded the suspension, finding the absolute Holy Grail of suspension settings; firmer, sportier and yet somehow, more comfortable. That’s a clever trick to pull off and BMW have done it well.

Inside the car, the instrument cluster has completely changed also, going from traditional BMW dials and gauges to a fully-digital instrument cluster and it looks great – another big tick in the box for BMW.Interior of the 2018 BMW 4 Series

We’re also getting an updated iDrive system (not that there was anything wrong with the previous one), and while the architecture is pretty much the same, it does have a completely different layout and updated graphics.

June 2017 for a release?

Price-wise, BMW have officially confirmed last month that the prices will be $42,400 for the 430i Coupe, the top of the line 440i Coupe will have a sticker price of $48,700 and the Convertible 430i will hit the showroom at $50,550 while the flagship 440i Convertible will be as much as $57,500 – nearly $10,000 more expensive for no roof.

Adding the updated xDrive system (a choice that’s worth making) will add a further $2,000 to those prices across the range – it’s good to see that the customers paying more aren’t being hit harder for the pleasure.

BMW have said that the BMW 4 Series will be available in the middle part of 2017, so expect to see a nationwide roll-out happening in either June or July.

Competition comes from the likes of the Audi A5 and Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe; it’s a tough market segment, but we think that BMW will have the slightest edge over the competition, although as is nearly always the case, customers are generally very brand-loyal, so to win those new customers from the rival marques will be hard going for BMW.

What do you think to the new BMW 4 Series? Have BMW done enough to take the fight to the Audi and Mercedes? Should they have done more? Are you looking to replace your current BMW for a new 4 Series? If not, why not? Why not leave a comment and let us know your thoughts – your opinion is important to us.
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The BMW 4 Series just has that extra level of refinement and for the new model which is expected for 2018, BMW made it better again.

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