2018 BMW 6 series – new platform and full redesign


The new 2018 BMW 6 Series will be the fourth generation of this popular model, and while there is little official information regarding it at the moment, we’ve pulled together our sources to see what the general opinion is on how the new 6 may look and what equipment it will have.

It’s expected that BMW will release three different versions of the 6, including a convertible, although if you add the ‘M’ to it, that would be four versions.

Whatever BMW do, you can be sure that it will be another great engineered car, something that puts a smile on your face when climbing in to it!

2018 BMW 6 series Release date

Despite having no official confirmation, it’s thought that BMW will be looking to release the new 2018 6-Series in the late part of 2017, with a full worldwide rollout happening in early 2018.

2018 BMW 6 series release date: early 2018

2018 BMW 6 series Price

We have no indication at all regarding the price of the new model, all we can really say with some knowledge is that thanks to the use of materials like carbon fiber, and the added inflation, expect to see at least between 3% – 7% increase over the current model.

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2018 BMW 6 series video

2018 BMW 6 series Redesign and changes

Our sources say that the new model will be lighter, maybe as much as 551lbs lighter over the current model, this is mainly thanks to the liberal use of carbon fiber in the construction of the new car, which is built upon the new CLAR modular platform.

The lighting (both front and rear) should be completely redesigned, being sleeker and slimmer thanks to new OLED technology, and the kidney shaped grille will meet the lighting units; it is thought that BMW will take inspiration from the current crop of vehicles for the design guidelines.

This may also lead to a slightly lower, more dynamic roofline, which in turn will lessen the height of the glass fitted.

2018 BMW 6 series Specs

Under the hood, we should see a few choices:
640i – 3.0 liter inline 6-cylinder producing 347 BHP, the 650i will have the 4.4 liter V8 fitted (476 BHP) and the M version should be a bi-turbo V8 that’s going to kick out a massive 600 BHP.
Options will include air suspension and the new rear wheel steering system and of course the all-wheel drive xDrive system will remain in the line-up.

2018 BMW 6 series Equipment

Expect the usual amount of toys and technology; BMW have never really been shy with fitting equipment into their high-end vehicles, it just remains to be seen what will be standard and what will be an extra.

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  • Fuel economy4.3

The new 6-series will get a new modular platform and more likely get rid of sedan version.

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