2018 BMW i3 Might Increase Its Range


With the introduction of the i3 in late 2013, it seemed that BMW were firmly set to take on the full electric vehicle fight to the competition. The reality has been somewhat different though; since it was introduced, the BMW i3 has sold just short of 60,000 units across all markets – hardly what you’d call a roaring success and BMW know that.

The question is, what can they do about it?

The new model coming out isn’t going to be hugely different, so should we just expect more of the same? It seems as though BMW are pushing onwards with their small EV regardless – perhaps it’s the consumers that need to change?

One of the shortfalls for the i3 was range, but hopefully, BMW are on top of that now.

2018 BMW i3 Release date

It seems as though the 2018 BMW i3 will hit the dealerships in late 2017, just in time to be considered as a 2018 model year i3.

2018 BMW i3 Release Date: late 2017

2018 BMW i3 Price

BMW haven’t actually confirmed prices for the new i3, but the current model sells for just over $43,000. Add inflation and a few extras, we can easily see the 2018 i3 starting at $45,000.

2018 BMW i3 Video

2018 BMW i3 Redesign and Changes

BMW recently updated the battery pack for the i3, meaning an increase in range up to 114 miles – usable but when compared to the cheaper Chevrolet Bolt, still well short of the mark. However, the 2018 i3 will get a further update, meaning an extended range of around 150 miles, which is much more usable and practical.

On the exterior, it seems that the baby Beemer will be receiving a few minor updates, mainly centering on the front and rear fascia’s, it will also get a new range of colors and wheel designs – nothing too significant but then the BMW still looks fresh and modern, even compared to some of the later full electric vehicles that are available.

2018 BMW i3 Interior

Expect to see some very minor updating on the inside also, but this really will only be coloring, maybe the odd but of trim with an updated finish or slightly different material.

Standard equipment is pretty good, even on the base model you should get touchscreen infotainment system, keyless entry, automatic climate control, cruise control, park assist system and navigation. Of course, there will be plenty of other toys to choose from should your budget allow it, but remember that none of the European manufacturers are known for low cost extras.

  • George Davis

    150 mile EV range and another 80 miles with the 650cc. range extender will make the BMW i3 a very competitive vehicle. Just hope they can keep the price under $50K as the Chevy Bolt with a 238 mile range is so much cheaper at $37K.

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The new i3 is promising to get rid of the main drawback of the car - lack of range. 2018 BMW i3 is going to have up to 155 miles of range.

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