2018 BMW i8 Chose Evolutional Path, Facelift Is Coming


BMW first showed the concept of the i8 hybrid at the Frankfurt Motor Show all the way back in 2013, it has since gone on to become a popular model for the German marque. Despite the price tag, it sells well, but then we expect to pay a premium for a premium hybrid.

Rumors have been confirmed that BMW will also be introducing a Roadster drop-top version for 2018, but this article is concentrating on the updated i8 – we’ll be doing something about the Roadster in the future.

2018 BMW i8 Release date

BMW have said that they won’t be releasing the updated 2018 BMW i8 anytime before the fourth quarter of 2017, although we may see the launch of the Roadster before then.

2018 BMW i8 release date: Q4 2017

2018 BMW i8 Price

We’ve found no official information regarding the pricing of the new i8, other than a United Kingdom price which is around £110,000. If that price converts straight to dollars, it will mean the price for the 2018 BMW i8 should be in the region of $140,000 at today’s current exchange rate. However, it’s worth pointing out that there are a lot of tax breaks for hybrid vehicles.

2018 BMW i8 Redesign and Changes

The updates and upgrades are more to do with the mechanicals rather than styling. For a start, BMW have said that they will be updating the powertrain; both the electric motor and gas engine are getting tweaks.

2018 BMW i8 Video

2018 BMW i8 Specs

It’s thought that the electric motor will be upped from the current 129 BHP and a 10 kWh battery fitted – an increase over the 7.1 kWh battery. This should lead to an extended range on electric power – from 15 miles to 24. BMW also want to increase the power of the 1.5 liter 3-cylinder turbo, so a combined output of over 400 BHP is on the cards.

These power upgrades are currently being tested on prototypes on public roads, also on the BMW i8 Formula E safety car.

The safety car is also trying modified upper wishbones and mounting points, along with revised dampers and suspension settings, including a 0.5” lower ride height.

BMW haven’t confirmed whether these tweaks will make it to the production car for 2018, but you’d have to say that they will – that’s a lot of engineering changes just to make two safety cars better.

We also think that BMW will be introducing an inductive charging option, but very little information surrounds that at the moment, it’s just a hunch!

2018 BMW i8 Images

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The update of the unique hybrid supercar is going to make the i8 better, get rid of all drawbacks of the current generation.

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