New BMW M550i xDrive Is Faster Than Actually Looks


Brand new BMW 5-series has recently debuted, more and more advanced modifications have been appearing. The first part are sporty high-performance modifications. Before the flagship M5, there should be a real sleeper – V8-powered sedan which looks absolutely normal, until you sneak inside the hood.

A Perfect Sleeper

BMW M550i xDrive design isn’t going to be revolutionary but it’s said to stay extremely stylish and attractive for all the fans of the series. So if you want a sporty and angry looking vehicle this car is still what you need. The car will ride on 19 inch wheels. 20 inch wheels are also accessible but as an option. The finish of the dark shade is rumored to be used this time. The body of the car is now 0.39 inch closer to the ground.

BMW M550i xDrive has a new good looking spoiler. A vast amount of Cerium Grey paint will be sued for this production. It’s said that this colour will cover grille frame and fender vents. Sport looking exhaust will feature some chrome. They will be black and elegant. Luxurious brands have a new tendency which deals with lighting and illuminating a lot. So when you open any door of this model you can see illuminated panels. You can also find seats of black Dakota leather inside of the car.

Twin-turbo V8 Plus AWD

Well, M550 still stays a top model and it is going to feature something new this time. Which engine is going to be used? This isn’t a secret. So the vehicle will be equipped with 4.4-liter engine. This is nothing less than V8 type. Its productivity is rather impressive. Thus, its output is as much as 456 horsepower. The torque has already been revealed as well. It’s promised to be up to 480 lb-ft. By the way, 2018 BMW M550i is going to feature twin-turbo technologies. Some sources still say that may borrow some technologies from E39 or E60. It hasn’t been confirmed though but there’s such a possibility still. 2018 BMW M550i loves speed. So the vehicle makes it 0-60 in 4.0 seconds.

It’s good to know that this car will be an all-wheel-drive production. Nevertheless, there are assumptions that RWD variant will be released as well. The dual-clutch transmission will be featured for this production. It’s said the car will come with eight speeds available.

All types of driver assistance, safety features and connectivity of different types are available which goes without saying.


The current generation of this type is priced as much as $68,000. So it’s reasonable to expect that the new 2018 BMW M550i price will be approximate of the same amount of money. If the market will raise its prices up 2018 BMW M550i xDrive price may be around $77,000.
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