New X1 2018 From BMW Is The Supreme Compact SUV


BMW succeed in making premium crossover SUV, remember X5 or X6. The smaller models, like X3, was not successful in their first iterations. The same story was with X1 – debuted in 2009, the car was more like an enlarged station wagon, rather than a proper SUV. The second gen debuted just a couple of years ago, make a strong correction work, means the second gen become better in every aspect. It become less a BMW though – no more RWD and inline 6 cylinder engines, but it just becomes a proper car. The 2018 BMW X1 has got a few more tweaks to complete the image of ultimate premium compact SUV.

New Features of 2018 BMW X1


1. 2018 BMW X1 New Features
2. Availability and Price
3. Trim Level Details
4. Exterior and Interior Features
5. New BMW X1 Specs

The new things in 2018 model year are mainly connected to trim levels being slightly rearranged – now the trim levels include more standard equipment, leaving behind the numerous of packages. However, some options come with an addtional fee, like Apple Car Play connectivity or wireless device charging. Despite all that, two highest trims have everything on board without picking packages, all included.

Availability and Price of BMW X1 2018

The car has begun to ship to car dealers in the last part of summer. So, now you are able to order 2018 X1 any time. The starting price of the car is $33,900 up to $43,850 for Premium trims. 2018 BMW X1 already available for purchase.

X1 2018 Trim Level Details

Despite getting rid of myriads packages, the choice of configuration for X1 is still rather complicated. You first choose xLine or M Sport line, then choose so-called tiers – equipment levels, to be exact. In fact, there are 5 trim levels:

  • xLine standard;
  • xLine Convenience;
  • xLine Premium;
  • M Sport standard;
  • M Sport premium.

The standard trim features all-power accessories including power seats with memory; tilt and telescopic steering wheel, nice multimedia system, rearview camera… and that’s all. Neither leather seats nor sunroof or even power mirrors available for the standard trim, which is pretty strange. You could add options, such as LED lights, parking sensors, navigation, heated seats and steering wheel. Every option costs almost a $1000 (except heated accessories, which is $550).

Convenience would add some more – better front seats with lumbar support, auto-dimmed mirrors, keyless entry, ambient lighting and panoramic sunroof, power mirrors. Multimedia adds satellite radio support. You could add any other option for surprise, dedicated for standard trim, mentioned above.

Premium has all abovementioned features, plus real-time traffic info, head-up multimedia display with navigation and touchpad. Premium also has all options in a standard. M Sport is basically the same as Convenience xLine but has sporty bucket seats, different body kit, bigger rims, M-sport detailing and badges. M Sport Premium features all equipment from Premium in a sporty aggressive shell.

2018 X1 Exterior and Interior Features

X1 2018 looks pretty handsome – resemblance with more expensive BMW models are obvious, the overall car look is more muscular than the previous generation. It is tall, but not too much, the length is between Infiniti QX30 and Lexus NX. The design is premium and well-proportioned, which could be a huge advantage for those who don’t stand ‘screamy’ exterior of Lexus NX, for instance.

As for the interior, its overall design is neat and tidy, and at the first sight, you may think that it has the premium quality of materials and assembly. The leather trimming is good, despite front seats lack of lateral support, the cabin layout looks a bit sporty and BMW-like.

However, there is major drawback we could find in other models of the brand – poor assembly level of the interior, along with the cheap plastic – this could be found on small details, like glove box and box under the seat, but it really spoils all positive impression of the cabin.

In every other aspect, the interior is almost perfect – plenty of headroom as well as legroom, there are 8 cupholders, the trunk is really big for compact class, bigger than in any rival SUVs – 27 cubic feet with all seats up and 59 cu ft when seats folded making an almost flat floor. More points for practicality provide 40/20/40 split rear seat.

New BMW X1 2018 Specs

There is nothing spectacular in the engine bay of 2018 model year BMW X1. Forget times when BMW makes unique vehicles with rear-wheel drive and torqueful 6-cylinder unit. New X1 is all about efficiency – a compact 2-liter turbocharged unit with 4 cylinders, mated with an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

New X1 Performance and Driving

Nevertheless, it’s not the point to be upset at all – 228 horsepower makes a 0-60 sprint real quick – just 6.3 seconds for all-wheel drive car. The GLA from Mercedes-Benz is quicker, but it looks more like a big hatchback, rather than a good SUV.

The car has a bit firm ride, it is better to avoid big bumps. It’s not as comfortable as it should be, but it provides a perfect handling in corners, thanks to perfectly tuned suspension and electronic steering system. BMW stays a BMW after all.
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