2018 BMW X5: lighter, faster, roomier


Have you noticed the trend of X5 generation change? It is every six years or so, BMW has released an updated model. Now the manufacturer begins to test the first technical improvements that eventually find their way to the next generation model, 2018 BMW X5.

2018 BMW X5 release date

Presented the current third generation of BMW X5 F15 only three years ago, the BMW already hard at work on the next generation of models under the F17 designation. According to the official representatives of the brand, the first novelty plans to show to the public in the next 2017, but on sale, the car is expected to appear not earlier than the end of 2018.

Release date: late 2018

2018 BMW X5 price

Given the fact that the next X5 will come with new technical features and possibly some changes in the range of engines, transmissions, chassis, then maybe the price of 2018 X5 will rise again.

It is hard to be so dramatic growth, which we have seen a new model of the XC90, the price tag is likely to rise in the region of $1,000 – $1,500.

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2018 BMW X5 redesign

The design of the new generation X5 still remains a closely guarded secret. Test prototypes have a current version of the design and well camouflaged.

The interior also has not hit the lens photo spies. It is logical to assume that the new model will be more comfortable and equipped according to the take for the development of high-tech features. This means that inside the car BMW will continue to move away from the abundance of plastic and roughly chopped lines. More high-quality leather, the increase in the number of premium materials in the interior, and improving the quality of plastic parts in the interior. All this will take place against the backdrop of improving the style. Presumably, we can expect changes in the layout of the cluster in the dashboard, and the transition from the analog gauges to modern TFT display.

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2018 BMW X5 equipment

The screen of infotainment system is likely to become thinner and slightly increased in size, as it was more than once with the change of generations at the BMW. We will see moderate changes on the center console, but nothing too extreme. Also, it is necessary to rely on the use gesture control technology, the one that stands in the 7 Series and which appeared on the business class BMW 5 Series. In addition, BMW has been tested remote parking lot function on the new BMW X5.

2018 BMW X5 specs

it is already known that the new body of the 2018 BMW X5 will be somewhat lighter than its predecessor and according to some a little more compact, to better emphasize the status of the future flagship of the X7, which should become a more luxurious X5 and will be offered with three rows individual seats and rear seating rows, each of which will be equipped with ventilation and massage systems. Both models will be based on the latest CLAR platform, which has already formed the basis of the latest generation of the seventh series sedan.

2018 BMW X5 video

2018 BMW X5 engines

Again, at this point is probably too early to talk about the range of engines and transmissions, but because something moves next X5 on snowy roads in Germany, then touch on this subject.

In case BMW not depart from the current engine configurations, We suspect engines line, at least, will be changed to provide increase capacity and to improve fuel economy. Early check-out of the “mule” on the road may indirectly talk about testing some powertrain components. But this is just an assumption.

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4.7 overall
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  • Performance4.9
  • Design4.7
  • Features4.8
  • Fuel economy4.4

The new 2018 X5 will feature whole new lightweight platform, innovative multimedia features, and roomier interior. However, the price might be raised.

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