2018 BMW X6 The Pioneer Among Coupe SUV Unchanged


The X6 firstly debuted as just an addition to X5. Despite being less practical and a very controversial design, the experiment was successful – the X6 has become a very popular worldwide. Then rival premium SUV manufacturers, such as Mercedes-Benz and Range Rover makes a coupe-like SUVs. BMW itself made a more compact derivative – the X4. The current generation has revealed in 2014, and since then doesn’t get any major changes.

The design is almost identical to the current X5, except the rear end. In 2017 the model has received some minor interior upgrades, such as new infotainment system, built-in internet connectivity, and new rims. The 2018 BMW X6 is likely to keep all those changes and unlikely to get something new – mainly because it is believed 2018 would be the final year of production, 2019 model year car would get different design.

2018 BMW X6 Specs Means Sport Plus Premium

Despite being a bit sporty-oriented, the X6 has all the same power options as the X5 model. The engine range in the United States market is very limited, if compared with the Europe cars. There only two gasoline engine options (except the X6 M) and no diesel at all. The range of powertrains is limited to this choice:

  • X5 sDrive 35i;
  • X5 xDrive 35i;
  • X5 xDrive 50i.

What does all those letters and numbers mean? Everything is simple. The first sDrive car comes only with classic rear wheel drive layout, equipped with 3-liter turbocharged I6 engine (forget times when numbers in name mean displacement). This engine produce 303 HP and 295 ft-lb, mated with 8-speed automatic. Pretty much enough for a standard SUV. The xDrive has the same engine and gearbox, but AWD system. The xDrive 50i equipped with 4.4 V8 engine with twin turbocharging produce 445 HP and 400 ft lb – means that 2018 BMW X6 SUV is pretty quick, just 4.6 seconds to sixty.

BMW X6 2018 Design Kept Simple

As it was mentioned above, the design of X6 hasn’t changed since 2014. It doesn’t look outdated, but the style of 2018 X6 model is rather controversial – love or hate thing. That’s mainly because of strange and unusual proportions. However, we could say the same for the rivals. It is 100% BMW style, thanks to ‘nostrils’ grille, LED headlights and muscular fenders. X6 is more youth-oriented, especially with the larger rims installed. The interior is typical for latest years BMWs, with the conventional iDrive system, compact steering wheel with bold rim, and the premium quality materials used. Despite this, the assembly quality of the interior is even worse than some non-premium cars.

2018 X6 Price and Trim Levels

The exact pricing figures are not available for 2018 model year X6 yet, but we could suppose that there won’t be much difference. The SUV is expensive – even the simplest rear-wheel drive version starting from around $62,000; For that price, you’ll get advanced multimedia, leather upholstery, heated powered seats with memory, navigation, all-power accessories (including liftgate), and 19-inch alloy rims. More powerful version costs significantly more – around $77,000 but also get more premium equipment, such as premium audio system, for instance. You could also boost the price up to the skies, ordering additional packages for safety (360-degree view, collision warning, etc) or luxury (ceramic controls, better upholstery materials).

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