2018 Buick Grand National Successor Is Regal GS


Looking for a proper high-performance Buick? For the previous years, the only choice was Opel-based Regal GS, which has an angry turbocharged engine and large trims. The all-new Regal has come this year, and the new 2018 Buick Grand National successor would be Regal GS once again, but with all-fresh design and new technical improvements aboard. The new car won’t get the legendary name, but in a nutshell, it is 100% successor of the popular muscle car of the golden era. No more cheap V8, long hood and hardtop coupe body – it is a more conventional sedan with V6 under the hood. Is it worse then? Of course not.

2018 Buick Grand National Review

Buick gain a wide popularity overseas, especially in Asia, but it never forget the domestic market. New Regal GS is more US-oriented, though it should be compared with a very European concept of the sedan – powerful, good-handling, properly equipped – in a few words, the autobahn conquer. Let’s see what Buick could offer in it’s 2018 Grand National successor to compete with the best sports sedans in class. We start with the technical point of view, then goes to more abstract things.

AWD Tech and Specs

First of all, the GS gets a very advanced all-wheel-drive system with twin-clutch, almost identical to the one used in Ford Focus RS hot hatch. The cool feature of which is the instant torque distribution between rear wheels. It could unable almost RWD behavior of the car if needed. In every other situation, it provides a brilliant cornering and less understeer typical for the front-wheel drive cars.

Secondly, the powertrain – despite there is nothing special and new for Grand National 2018 successor, the engine is very powerful. It is not turbocharged anymore, and get the Camaro-based V6 with 3.6 liter displacement, but downforced from 335 HP to 310. The torque has kept on nearly the same level – 282 lb-ft. The gearbox is 9-speed automatic only, the manual gearbox option is not offered anymore. Undoubtedly, in terms of power it simply couldn’t compete with AMG and M cars from German brands, but the price is uncomparable – for the price of E-class AMG you could buy at least two Buicks.

2018 Buick Grand National Design and Features

The GS is actually the same standard Regal in terms of design – it looks pretty neat and nice, has coupe-style roof slope, looks modern and way better than the previous generation of the car. Sporty version get front and rear bumpers updated (larger air intakes, decorative exhaust pipes), 19-inch wheels with powerful brakes inside. The interior is almost identical as well, but it get options typical for hot versions of sedans – aluminum pedals, GS badges, sporty bucket seats, D-shaped steering wheel.

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