2018 Chevy Avalanche might be the best family pickup


The Chevy Avalanche is a big beast of a pickup, full-size as the Americans may say. The next generation model, the 2018 Chevy Avalanche, will undergo a raft of changes and upgrades to keep it competitive with the Nissan Navara and Toyota Tundra.

It’s a competitive market so although Chevy are upgrading it, prices will remain relatively static, and of course, equipment levels will be good; expect to see quite a range of features fitted as standard with some good options for extras.

2018 Chevy Avalanche Release date

Chevy haven’t announced anything officially, but trusted sources say that we should expect to see the 2018 Chevrolet Avalanche debut in late 2017, with sales starting in early 2018.

2018 Chevy Avalanche release date: early 2018

2018 Chevy Avalanche Price

As with everything, specifications change the price significantly, but we think the new Chevy will start in the region of $32,000, perhaps rising to just over $40,000 for something with more toys and equipment.

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2018 Chevy Avalanche Redesign and changes

Chevy have gone the whole hog for the new Avalanche, the bodywork has been completely redesigned, giving it a more modern look, while still remaining unmistakably Avalanche.

The new style means completely restyled bumpers and grille and LED lighting all round; the easiest way of changing the look of a vehicle is to change the ‘face’ of it.

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We also think that there should be a significant weight reduction, thanks mainly to higher quality materials being used in the body and platform; high grade steel means that panelling and components can be made thinner or lighter without losing structural integrity.

2018 Chevy Avalanche Video

2018 Chevy Avalanche Specs

Under the hood will be a 5.3 liter V8, naturally aspirated that should produce around 355 BHP, enough to get this large pickup up to 60 MPH in less than 7 seconds – pretty quick for a vehicle of this size. There are also rumors of diesel power and possibly a hybrid to come later in the production cycle, although these rumors haven’t yet been confirmed.

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2018 Chevy Avalanche Interior

Inside the cab, we should see enough space to seat 6 adults, and of course, plenty of room for luggage. Our sources say that Chevy will be adding internet connectivity, a brand new infotainment system, LCD touchscreen, climate control, stability control, parking sensors, lane departure warning system, traction control, intelligent braking and blind spot warning, although nothing has been confirmed what will be fitted as standard and what will be an extra.

All in, the new Chevrolet Avalanche looks like it will have enough to take the fight to its competitors.

  • David Hosler

    Love this truck! I have a 2002 Avalanche that I love! Sad to see they discontinued them, but very happy to see they will be offering them again in 2018. Best truck I ever owned and I will replace my 2002 with a 2018! Thank you Chevy!

    • Coreena Sawyer Jensen

      I too own a 2002. Love this truck/suv! Mine has over 200,000 miles and lots of memories!

  • t herzog

    Ssold my 2007 for a 2016 Tahoe but I like the avalanche better. Can’t wait for it come back on line

  • Blaser270

    I’m on my 2nd one. First one was a 2002 that was without a doubt the best vehicle I ever owned. Drove it till 2012 when I heard they were being discontinued in 13. Figured it was best to buy one then instead of waiting for the 13s which did go for retail and above retail. Picked up a new 2011 and it’s been everything the first one was. I tow a lot and I’ve towed large trailers with heavy loads and still had plenty power to spare and good gas mileage compared to most of my friends who run other ‘trucks’. The Avalanche turns much tighter and the power of the 2011 is simply bad ass. It will set up back in the seat at 90 if you punch it. I won’t be buying an 18 since they’ll probably be snapped up at retail again but by 19 or 20 it’ll be getting time to do it one more time. Glad they’re bringing it back and thrilled that they’re improving it and not redesigning it to make it as fugly as some prototypes were predicting. Do hope they keep the nice seats and not the crap that they’re putting in the new trucks. The 2011 has the best seats ever. Soft enough to feel good but firm enough to hold you and wear extremely well.

Editor's rating
4.4 overall
  • Safety4.6
  • Performance4.4
  • Design4.4
  • Features4.5
  • Fuel economy4.3

The new Avalanche expected to be released in order to compete with Japanese makers mid-size pickup trucks.

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