Will The 2018 Avalanche Will Feature More Sleek Design?


Chevrolet first introduce the 4-door pickup back in September 2001, as a 2002 Model Year. It was based on the long wheelbase platform that it shared with the Chevrolet Suburban and the Cadillac Escalade EXT.

Chevrolet discontinued the Avalanche back in 2013 due to poor sales numbers, but the family-centric pickup market is now pretty hot and there’s plenty of manufacturers adding vehicles in to the mix, this is why Chevrolet will be bringing the Avalanche back for 2018.

We know that the new 2018 Chevrolet Avalanche will be smaller than the last version, although it’s thought that the new version will still be pretty roomy inside, but that will be at the compromise of space for the truck bed at the back.

How does the 2018 Avalanche from Chevrolet Differ?


1. How does it Differ
2. New Engines for 2018 
3. Plenty of tech
4. Confusion over the release date

Given that the old Avalanche went out of production in 2013, there isn’t a predecessor model to compare it to as such – the whole automotive industry has moved on so much in these last few years that any comparison wouldn’t be fair.

Having said that, it’s a handy guide for comparison; the new 2018 Avalanche will be significantly lighter than the older version, this will come thanks to the use of aluminum, high-strength steel and maybe even some composite materials. We’d expect to see a minimum weight-loss in the region of 200 pounds, perhaps even more.

As for the styling, the new 2018 Avalanche will feature a reasonable amount of aerodynamic design – it isn’t going to be big, boxy and square – think of the new Honda Ridgeline, which is the main competitor for the Avalanche.

Chevrolet (and every other manufacturer) has to be mindful of the laws and legislation regarding the overall output for emissions from their vehicles, so they will be doing all they can to improve the gas mileage – besides – it’s a great selling point as well.

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New Engines for 2018

With this in mind, we think that the 2018 Avalanche will be fitted with a smaller V6 turbocharged engine – rumors say that Chevrolet are developing a new V8 and V6 for different ranges of vehicles, so we would think that the likelihood of the new Avalanche getting anything but a V6 is low.

Although there is nothing official, we think that the V6 will be around the 3.0 – 3.5 liter range – it seems to be the sweet spot for horsepower, gas mileage and refinement. Power levels are expected to be anywhere around the 280 – 340 BHP as standard with around 400 pound of torque – the Avalanche should have a minimum towing capacity of around 5,000 pounds, although some of the competition can go up to 8,000+ pounds, so they’ll be a bit short against them.

Whatever engine gets fitted, it will drive the rear-wheels as standard, with an all-wheel drive option further up the range. Transmission will be taken care of by a 10-speed auto – another big tick in the box for gas mileage.

2013 2018
4-door crew cab pickup truck car body type Stays the same
Rear-wheel drive, AWD system for surcharge car drive layout RWD for standard, AWD for higher trims
5.3-liter Vortec V8 producing 320 HP and 335 ft-lb. car engine type 3.5-liter turbocharged V6 engine, 280-340 HP estimated, around 450 ft lb.
6-speed automatic gearbox type 10-speed automatic
17 MPG combined cycle fuel consumption rating up to 21 MPG combined cycle
$21,500-$37,500 (in 2013) car price $25,000-$40,000 (estimated)

The 2018 Chevy Avalanche will have plenty of tech

We don’t yet know how Chevrolet will trim the models, our guess would be four different trims in total, and there will be a range of technology fitted, but as to what will make it in the base model … it’s a guess.

However, expect to see such features and technology as voice-activated navigation, an 8” touchscreen (with higher trim levels getting bigger screens) infotainment system, possibly an LCD instrument display, a rear-view camera as standard with a surround view system as an option, rear cross-traffic alerts, pedestrian detection with automatic emergency braking, lane guidance with lane keep assist, blind-spot monitoring, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, USB ports, adaptive cruise-control and dual-zone climate control all fitted somewhere in the line-up, hopefully Chevrolet will do a special launch edition model which will benefit from having much of this tech fitted as standard.

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Confusion over the release date

We aren’t sure if the 2018 Avalanche will make it to production and the dealerships for a late 2017 launch. Is the Chevy Avalanche coming back? We would normally expect to see spy-shots and official ‘leaks’ sometime in the few months before an official launch, and there has been nothing forthcoming from Chevrolet, so our guess would be that they’re contemplating a full nationwide roll-out sometime in 2018.

As for price… it needs to be competitive, but with a brand-new model, 2018 Chevy Avalanche won’t be offering it too cheap – they have invested a significant amount in model development, so they won’t be giving them away – we’d expect to see a base price in the region of $40,000.

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  • David Hosler

    Love this truck! I have a 2002 Avalanche that I love! Sad to see they discontinued them, but very happy to see they will be offering them again in 2018. Best truck I ever owned and I will replace my 2002 with a 2018! Thank you Chevy!

    • Coreena Sawyer Jensen

      I too own a 2002. Love this truck/suv! Mine has over 200,000 miles and lots of memories!

  • t herzog

    Ssold my 2007 for a 2016 Tahoe but I like the avalanche better. Can’t wait for it come back on line

  • Blaser270

    I’m on my 2nd one. First one was a 2002 that was without a doubt the best vehicle I ever owned. Drove it till 2012 when I heard they were being discontinued in 13. Figured it was best to buy one then instead of waiting for the 13s which did go for retail and above retail. Picked up a new 2011 and it’s been everything the first one was. I tow a lot and I’ve towed large trailers with heavy loads and still had plenty power to spare and good gas mileage compared to most of my friends who run other ‘trucks’. The Avalanche turns much tighter and the power of the 2011 is simply bad ass. It will set up back in the seat at 90 if you punch it. I won’t be buying an 18 since they’ll probably be snapped up at retail again but by 19 or 20 it’ll be getting time to do it one more time. Glad they’re bringing it back and thrilled that they’re improving it and not redesigning it to make it as fugly as some prototypes were predicting. Do hope they keep the nice seats and not the crap that they’re putting in the new trucks. The 2011 has the best seats ever. Soft enough to feel good but firm enough to hold you and wear extremely well.

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4.4 overall
  • Safety4.6
  • Performance4.4
  • Design4.4
  • Features4.5
  • Fuel economy4.3

The new Avalanche expected to be released in order to compete with Japanese makers mid-size pickup trucks.

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