We Don’t See 2018 Chrysler 200 Anymore?


The Chrysler 200 was a pretty good car in terms of technical characteristics and equipment level, however poor assembly quality and many problems due to expenses reduction lead to unsatisfactory sales level.

200 model, just after its first release in 2014, suffered from at least 2 recalls: with wiring problem and 9-speed ZF automatic gearbox failures.

Rest in Peace, Chrysler 200

The production of Chrysler 200 sedan was ceased in December 2016. Warehouse storage cars have been on sale throughout 2017 as a 2017 model year cars, but there won’t be any 2018 Chrysler 200 cars anymore.

FCA’s Sterling Heights plant in Detroit, where sedan was assembled, is preparing for manufacturing the next generation Ram pickup trucks, and presumably some new models from Jeep. So, there is no coming back to manufacturing mid-size sedan on this plant, at least for the nearest future.

What would be 2018 Chrysler 200 successor?

The 200 model from Chrysler has doubled the faith of another FCA compact car – Dodge Dart, which was discontinued in September 2016. So, there are no mid-size sedans from FCA anymore.

And it seems there won’t be any, at least for the nearest future. FCA SEO, Sergio Marchionne, claimed that the company will concentrate on producing pickup trucks and SUVs for the United States market.

Rebadged Alfa Romeo?

The cheapest option to bring any mid-size vehicle might be the import rebadged Alfa Romeo Giulietta from Europe. This car is smaller than Chrysler 200 and comes only as a hatchback, so there are rumors it could be badged as Chrysler 100. There were similar attempts before, like presenting rebadged Lancia Delta at Chicago Auto Show in 2010.

One way or another, we believe that the appearance of Chrysler 200 successor in 2018 is doubtful or even impossible. FCA is likely to go back to mid-size sedan topic in future years.

Model history of Chrysler 200

Chrysler 200 is actually derived from the previous mid-size vehicles of the brand, like Chrysler Sebring. At least in terms of styling and overall concept.
The first generation debuted in 2010, and it was actually a deep restyling of 3rd generation Sebring – the same Chrysler JS platform and body shell, but revised powertrains and body panels redesign. The engine range consisted of 2.4L I4 or 3.6L V6 mated with 4-speed automatic (later 6-speed). Convertible version debuted in 2011.

The second generation, debuted in late 2014, was made on all-new Fiat-derived CUSW platform, meaning completely new chassis and body, while powertrain was nearly the same, with minor improvements (V6 produce 295 HP making it the most powerful in mid-size sedan class). The car engines were mated with efficient 9-speed automatic, with front-wheel drive or AWD layout. Chrysler 200 features rich equipment level for a bargain price, sleek design with the lowest drag coefficient among other mid-size sedans. Just like bigger 300, the car has two equipment lines – 200S and 200C.

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