2018 Corvette C8 Is Full of Mysteries


No one actually knows anything solid about the new Corvette C8, in fact, no one actually knows if there even is a C8; there are lots of rumors and speculation, but Corvette haven’t confirmed anything, other than to say that the next performance car will be something different. It’s that phrase ‘different’ that has led to such speculation.

Some say that it is the hardcore ‘Vette fans just dreaming, others say that it’s just the American auto journalists spreading stories, all we really know is that there have been spy shots of what looks to be a mid-engined supercar out and about, wearing Corvette badges.

2018 Corvette C8 Release date

Best guess is that Corvette will have a semi-production model on show at the Detroit Auto Show in 2018, with sales happening later that year, or perhaps even extending in to 2019.

2018 Corvette C8 release date: 2018

2018 Corvette C8 Price

We heard that some industry experts say the this new 2018 Corvette C8 will start in the region of $80,000, others have said $150,000, but in reality, we think it will be in the region of $120,000 for the base model, although some of the European exotica that it will be going up against is in the multiple of hundreds of thousands, so who really knows?

2018 Corvette C8 Video

2018 Corvette C8 Redesign and changes

This isn’t about redesign, this is all new. This will be the first ever mid-engined Corvette, although they did have plans to prototype one before 2009.
It is said that Corvette are aiming to take on the European exotics from the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren, but truthfully, we aren’t sure whether they can reach that level with the first attempt – the other manufacturers have had decades evolving their products.

2018 Corvette C8 Specs

Under the hood, we think there will be an all new V8; quad cam with 32 valves, but it will need a minimum of 600+ BHP if it’s going to take the big guns. Porsche, McLaren and Ferrari are all using hybrid technology to boost the horsepower outputs of their cars. There is talk of a potential hybrid system for the ‘Vette, but we don’t know any more detail. We believe that whatever the powertrain, it will run through a Tremec sourced 7-speed dual clutch auto – there will be no manual option for this Corvette supercar.

Expect to see plenty of composite material in the build, this will help to keep the weight down while still remaining rigid enough to handle big horsepower.
If the C8 does happen, you can be sure that it will pack a powerful punch; maybe not quite enough to hammer the European’s, but certainly enough to make it a worthwhile consideration.

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Mid-engined or traditional transaxle - C8 Corvette should set a new quality standard for American supercar

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