2018 Corvette Zora Rumored To Be Mid-Engined


Very little is known about the new model from Corvette, even whether it is actually called the Zora. What we do know is that Corvette have trademarked the Zora name, and we have seen some (very grainy) spy shots of what could potentially be the 2018 Corvette Zora.

Why is this model so significant? Well, the engineering boffins at Corvette have long been saying that the ‘Vettes are already too powerful for traditional sports car layouts – they just can’t physically handle the power well enough, whereas the Zora (based on the Corvette prototype shown in recent years) will be a mid-engined layout, meaning that it will be much more capable of being able to put the power down without trying to maim the occupants of the car.

2018 Corvette Zora Release date

There is virtually nothing available regarding information for the 2018 Corvette Zora; rumor says that the Zora may actually not be seen until 2019 as an official full production model. Whether that is the case or not remains to be seen, however, we do at least think that the official debut of the Corvette Zora will take place at the 2018 North American International Auto Show.

2018 Corvette Zora release date: early 2018

2018 Corvette Zora Price

For once, we can’t include any pricing; that’s how little information there is regarding the Zora! This is completely new territory for Corvette, it’s unclear if they will try and capture a wider market with a lower price or whether they’ll be hitting up the customers of the current super car manufacturers – it could be $100,000 or $200,000+ depending on the market they’re aiming for. We’ll be updating the article as soon as we know!

2018 Corvette Zora Video

2018 Corvette Zora Redesign and Changes

We don’t actually know what engine is going to be fitted to the Zora, it seems that NO ONE really knows (aside from GM), however, given the fact that we are talking about a mid-engined car, and that this model will be the future of Corvette, it’s unlikely that they’ll be fitting it with a honking great V8 – it would be too large and inefficient – manufacturers are all leaning toward smaller engines (usually V6) with forced induction, usually (in the case of sports cars) a turbo or two. Whatever engine is fitted, we know that it won’t be lacking in horsepower. Perhaps there may even be a hybrid power source?

It’s likely that the engine will be coupled up to the new GM 10-speed auto transmission that is currently under development.
As for the styling, the spy shots show (from what we can see) a wider than usual stance, meaning the Zora will look super aggressive and sporty – just what we want!

2018 Corvette Zora Images

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The Corvette Zora is promising to be the new page in Corvette history - making it in one line with Ferrari and Lamborghini.

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