2018 Dodge Demon Is A New Ultimate Challenger Modification


Dodge has been teasing the army of fans with video trailers of a new vehicle.

Nothing new there? Well, this new vehicle is said to be called the Demon, a name first used by Dodge all the way back in 1971, they brought the name back for a concept car back in 2007, and then went silent. Why is this significant?

Rumor and speculation has been rife about a new Hellcat eating Dodge; initial rumor was regarding the ADR concept (American Drag Racer), we think that the Demon will be replacing the ADR and then handing the Hellcat its ass on a plate.

Aside from a few teaser videos, there is nothing to go on, apart from speculation and a few carefully chosen words from the men in power at Dodge. This is our take on it …

2018 Dodge Demon Release date

We know that the 2018 Dodge Demon will be unveiled to the waiting world at the New York International Autoshow in April of this year, but we don’t yet know when we may see it at the dealers, we would guess two or three months after the unveil – think around July.

2018 Dodge Demon release date: Summer 2017

2018 Dodge Demon Price

No indication whatsoever has been released regarding the price, however, given that it intends on showing the Hellcat the way home, we’d expect it to cost a fair chunk more than the Hellcat, which is in the region of $60,000.

2018 Dodge Demon Video

2018 Dodge Demon Redesign and Changes

This isn’t so much about redesign, this is a new model, but let’s look at what we’ll hopefully get. As we’re talking about the absolute muscle car, let’s start with the powertrain; whether we will see an updated version of the 6.2 liter Hemi V8 that’s fitted in the Hellcat, or something brand new, we don’t know yet, but we do know that it must have a significant increase in power over the 707 BHP that the Hellcat provides. Rumor has it that we could be looking at the first 1,000+ BHP production car.

Power is expected to be sent to all four wheels via a ten speed auto transmission.

Simple physics tells us that we’re going to get super wide tires, this must mean extended and flaired wheel arches, this Demon will be fat; super wide, low and mean – the perfect recipe for a muscle car. The only real question is whether Dodge will at least try and make it handle or whether they’ll stick with the Drag race concept and just make fast in a straight line?

Do you know more than us? Do you have any thoughts about a 1,000+ BHP muscle car? Why not leave a comment and let us know.

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The new Demon is not going to be standalone model, it would be almost certainly a more powerful Challenger modification.

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