Could We Expect The 2018 Dodge Viper?


We will miss the Viper much – back in 2016 FCA decided to discontinue Dodge Viper model in the 31 August 2017. And it happened. This supercar was handcrafted at Detriot plant by just 80 workers. Controversial though attractive, it was made without compromises.

The official reason for Viper discontinuation was an inability to install side airbags due to the limited amount of headroom.

Let’s remember the Viper history and consider any possibilities of the comeback in the nearest future.

US sportscar front end

How it’s all begin

It’s all started in 1992 when Lamborghini was owned by Chrysler. Italian engineers designed a big V10 engine on the basis of Chrysler V8 of LA series. 8-liter monster produces 400 HP and 465 lb-ft of power. Chrysler bosses decided to make a lightweight supercar, using this engine. They bring tube frame, fiberglass roadster body, monstrous V10 and combine it in a single car. That’s how Viper was born.

Overpowered, tricky in handling, with spartan interior and various problems with quality – despite these drawbacks, it has gained a huge army of fans, who admire the overall craziness of concept.

In 1995 debuted updated car with a slightly forced engine (415 HP then) and correction work for many mistakes. Same year coupe-body Viper GTS debuted. In 1998 the car once again updated.

In 2003 whole new generation has arrived, features less extreme bodywork, it handles better, has a proper interior. But the recipe of the big engine plus lightweight body was preserved: V10 gain extra displacement, become 8.3L and produce 500 HP in convertible version and 510 HP in hardtop one.

The second generation was restyled for 2008 model year, gain mainly technical updates to suspension and engine; now the power unit produces 600 HP due to the usage of VVT system, larger valves, new camshaft and other improvements. Displacement was once again increased to 8.4L.

The final generation of Dodge Viper was a real ultimate supercar – all-new body design, 645 HP V10 engine, premium quality interior – the pinnacle of the US-made supercar.
The performance was outstanding – just 3.5 seconds to sixty, top speed of 208 miles per hour.

What could be the fourth generation?

FCA SEO claimed that there are no plans of putting Viper back into production in the nearest future. However, there is still a possibility that the Viper name could come back. There is no reason to use dedicated platform for this model.

rear view of supercar

Due to optimization, we might see a very different Viper in the nearest future. Experts suggest that it would be made on a new rear-wheel-drive platform from Alfa Giulia. Accordingly, we could say goodbye for the jewel of Viper car – huge 8.4-liter V10. It’s sad, but instead, Viper could get Ferrari-derived twin-turbo V6 engine, producing around the same 600 HP or so. Along with a sufficient weight decrease, perfectly tuned Alfa Romeo suspension, we could get an ultimate track car. The evelasting war between Corvette and Viper will be over.

Prospects of 2018 Dodge Viper release date

Don’t expect that 2018 Dodge Viper will be released – it’s not the time yet, hence the next generation car is in the early stages of design (or even just in minds of chief managers). We expect the next Viper appear not early than 2020.
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