2018 Ford Bronco might be facelifted Everest


Ford are planning to stop production of the Focus and C-Max vehicles at its facility in Detroit in 2018, this potentially means that we could see a whole new range of SUV’s and pickups being produced there.

Speculation is rife, but we think a new mid-size Ranger may be produced, along with a brand new 2018 Ford Bronco (which we think will be a reworked Australian market Everest).

The old generation of Bronco was just that; old. It looked and felt dated, but the Bronco name is popular, so why wouldn’t Ford bring it back with some style? The Everest is produced in Australia and looks modern, cool and stylish – using that as a basis for the new Bronco would make sense.

The Bronco has been around for decades, since 1966 in fact, although back then, it was quite a compact vehicle. After 11 years of production, Ford turned it into a full-size vehicle when it was produced on the F100 platform.

A gap of about 6 years saw the Bronco II being produced on the Ranger platform, which meant sizes decreased again, although not dramatically.

If the Bronco does come back, it will need to compete with the ‘old school’ SUV’s like the Toyota 4Runner.

New Ford Bronco release date

Ford haven’t released any information at all regarding the new Bronco, so the best guess for release to the public would be late 2017.

2018 Ford Bronco release date: late 2017

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2018 Ford Bronco price

Costs are hard to predict, especially when so little is known about the new model, but we would expect that if the new Bronco is a restyled Everest, then prices should start around $30,000, however, if it’s a full size Bronco built on the F-150 platform, we’d expect to see those prices rise to approximately $45,000.

2018 Bronco redesign

It’s possible that Ford could pay tribute to their own heritage and restyle the Everest to look like the retro styled Bronco Concept 2004.

And there are rumors to suggest they might just do that, however, we think they’ll restyle the Everest to a modern version, all new for 2018.

The other option is that Ford could use the mid-size F-150pickup platform, keeping the same form and styling as the truck, but adding a 3 or 5-door SUV body instead of a load area.

But we would have to ask … Why do we need the Bronco? The Expedition does everything the Bronco could, will Ford really invest so much in a new model that competes with its own line-up?

Ford Bronco 2018 video

2018 Bronco specs

Structurally, the Australian and American versions of Everest, will likely to be similar, if not identical. Chassis construction, continuous rear axle on springs, permanent four-wheel drive mode selection with auxiliary electronics system works for different types of road surface, although this is likely to receive US modifications.

But the range of engines, we believe, could change: Diesel engines with a 2.3 or 3.2 liter displacement would sit in the range alongside the gasoline units, which are expected to come from the EcoBoost range.

2018 Ford Bronco images

  • RR Littlesweet

    a four door Bronco is a nonstarter –makes it just another SUV

  • rick

    If this bronco does not have a roof that you can remove, don’t bother. people will not want it and it will be just another SUV

    • RJM

      I agree completely and I’ll add that they need to go to the original styling, possibly even size. I don’t hate the four door idea but they won’t capitalize on the Bronco brand by rebadging an explorer.

  • jb80538

    Looks like an Explorer. Probably wouldn’t be interested.

  • Robert Armstrong

    Frankly the only thing anybody knows is that they are building a Bronco…..otherwise I have read four different articles and it’s all speculation.

    • Jared A. Chambers

      They don’t even “know” that. So far it’s just a local union rep running his yap. Given past rumors, short of a FoMoCo press release, color me skeptical.

  • Blake Lee

    The Everest is ugly as Hell!

  • Rusty Johnson

    For real, if it doesn’t have the removable top then it doesn’t matter what they do with it.

  • JustMe

    I’m seeing base price ranges all of the board on this from $30,000-45,000. I have a 1997 Ford Explorer Sport, that I have kept in immaculate condition, just waiting for a two door SUV to re-enter the market….. I wish someone would post what the base model is going for…..

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Everlasting rumors of the new Bronco still doesn't materialize, however partly confirmed. Under the famous name might be produced one more ordinary mid-size SUV.

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