2018 Ford Explorer: back to RWD


We already know that Ford are working on an interim update for the ever popular Explorer, but according to rumors, Ford are also working on the next generation SUV.

The last generation update, the Explorer went from being RWD to FWD, but according to ‘The Truth About Cars’, Ford are now looking to revert back to RWD.

Better yet, Lincoln (the luxury division of Ford) are also thought to be planning to use the SUV for a luxury based model that will be available in the U.S. and Chinese markets, either as replacement or supplement to the Navigator.

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2018 Ford Explorer release date

The facelift version of the Explorer was released just this year, it is the 2016 model, so it seems as though Ford will release the new Explorer at some point in 2018.

Release date: 2018

2018 Ford Explorer price

No official prices have been released as yet, but if it remains at the same pricing level, it will mean the base model retails for approximately $33,000 and the flagship version should be in the region of $55,000.

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2018 Ford Explorer redesign

Without any images at all, not even spy shots, the exterior of the new SUV is an unknown, all we can really hazard a guess at is that if it uses the same platform, we don’t expect to see much change, but if the platform changes, it is likely that the SUV will get a dramatic restyling.

The same could be said for the interior; all we really know is that the equipment and tech fitted will be an upgrade over the existing model, perhaps incorporating a full, digital dash and touchscreen media system.

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2018 Ford Explorer specs

In contrast to the previous version, the new Explorer could be called the next generation SUV; a new design built as a monocoque, which of course mean no chassis, similar to the Dodge Durango. Under the hood, we should find a range of the V6 EcoBoost engines, perhaps even a reworked V8.

As expected, even in the absence of preconditions to the success of rear-wheel drive Explorer among ordinary customers (the bulk of the copies sold with 4WD), Ford will not remain in the loser – switching to rear-wheel drive SUV purchases should spur orders of US law enforcement agencies.

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2018 Ford Explorer video

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2018 Ford Explorer hybrid

The new 2018 Ford Explorer will undoubtedly get a hybrid version, possibly a plug-in hybrid fitted with a 2.0 liter EcoBoost engine, turbocharging and Li-Ion batteries for maximum power and reliability.

2018 Ford Explorer images

  • dpick357

    The other possibility is they may be utilising the Australian designed and engineered Ford Everest which is a spinoff from the Ford Ranger. It is currently only offered in 7 seater 4×4 but is soon to come as a 5 or 7 seater 4×2. Whilst it looks smaller its lokks are decieving as it has about the same room etc as my 05 Explorer.

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The new 2018 Explorer will unlikely to change much, only minor changes expected. Primarily, for the equipment levels.

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