A 325 BHP Truck? Meet The New 2018 Ford Ranger


We’re sure that the new Ranger will be quite different from the last model, perhaps even more so from the version selling outside of the U.S. – updated interior, exterior and quite possibly the introduction of new engines in to the range.

We could also expect the appearance of Ford Ranger concept 2018 before the actual release of the truck.

Arriving Soon


1. Arriving Soon
2. Old faithful Ranger
3. Slightly updated interior
4. Low-cost motoring
5. The Mechanicals

When will Ford release the new Ranger? Sources say that once everything is in place, the new 2018 Ford Ranger USA version should be rolling off the production line toward the second half of 2017. Unlike the version of 2018 Ford Ranger North America and Canada, the Australian version of the truck might be released later.

With that said, we haven’t seen any signs of the new Ranger yet – normally you would expect to see a new model out testing some months before it’s due to be released. Either people aren’t that interested, or Ford are playing their cards close to their chest.

Old Faithful 2018 Ford Ranger

The overall look of the new Ranger 2018 will remain faithful to the previous generations and the models sold outside of the U.S.; the body will copy the Australian market 2016 Ranger, however, U.S. specs modifications will add a few distinctive features.

First off, the grille will be in the same style as the new F-150 Raptor, and will have FORD stamped into a chromed strip on top of the grille and the headlights will be redesigned and now come as LED. We also believe that the rear will get some attention, in particular, the rear lights.

Ford want the new Ranger to carry-on with the simple design and styling of the predecessor – this will be a key part to their marketing strategy – “hey look – it never really went away”.

Slightly Updated Interior Of The Ford Ranger 2018

The interior is also likely to stay the same as the last generation, but with minor styling tweaks such as different trim materials, redesigned steering wheel and gear lever. We think the center console will remain as is, including the 7” touchscreen for the MyFord system.

The Ranger is all about utility, we don’t need to see fancy leather trim, soft-touch plastics and heated massage seats, it just needs to work and work reliably.

Low-Cost Motoring

Nothing official has been released regarding the pricing structure, but it will still have to compete in a strong market, going head-to-head with the likes of the Tacoma, Colorado and the recently debuted Ridgeline. Expect to see prices starting at $22,000 and heading on up to near $40,000 for a fully loaded version.

We don’t know what levels of equipment the base model will get, in fact, Ford haven’t released any equipment options yet, so it could be pretty basic on the inside, although with technology becoming cheaper with every passing day, it’s likely that we’ll get a few toys included.

The Mechanicals

It’s thought that both the suspension and steering will be re-engineered to give a better ride, and there’s talk of Ford using the 3.2 liter turbo diesel power unit; highly efficient and very torquey (347 lbs/ft) despite only making 200 BHP. We think the motor will be coupled to either a 6 or 8-speed auto transmission.

However, diesel engines are not as popular in USA as in Europe, but if anyone can change that, Ford are the most likely candidates.

We think it is more likely that the new 2018 Ranger will be fitted with a gasoline engine from the EcoBoost family, something like the 2.0 liter inline 4-cylinder (245 BHP) or even the 2.7 liter V6 (325 BHP). The V6 is more likely destined for the 2018 Ford Ranger Raptor. The appearance of the 2018 Ford Ranger diesel versions for the US is under question.

Again, there is no solid information coming from Ford regarding the Ranger, but the information we’ve put together has come from reliable sources, that are usually on the money.

The new Ford Ranger 2018 will almost certainly be available as front wheel drive as standard, but all-wheel drive will be available as an option. The gearbox is more than likely to be a 6-speed auto, but there is talk of next generation transmissions being used further down the line.

Whatever Ford decide to do with the Ranger, we know that it should pick-up right where it left off – as a popular midsize truck that’s used as a utility vehicle – this isn’t going to be one of the fancy, full-sized trucks that gets used as a family vehicle – it’s all about a workhorse.

Having said that, 325 BHP isn’t something that your plumber needs, no matter how fast he says he can get there in an emergency!

Is the 2018 Ford Ranger something that you’d have in your perfect garage? DO you think that Ford are doing the right thing by bringing it back? Let us know!

  • les

    Ford Never should have Stopped the production of the Sport Trac They killed off the Ranger in this market, kept the BT-50 in the Mazda market, this truck is just a beefed up Mazda Bt-50. . But right now today FORD is shutting down F-150 plants because they have a GLUT of trucks priced from 30K- 49k and Nobody is buying them, especially with Untested aluminum bodies…
    This is where this truck should have still been in the US market with a MSRP of 20k. So Ford wouldn’t lose market share to GM Colorado & GMC Canyon and The rest of the small -mid size pickups. Mark Fields hop the BOD squashes your paychek. This was a piss poor management decision…

  • Ford Love in KY

    Amen on the Sport Trac.. Dumb on Fords part to stop making them.. I would love to buy a new V8 right now.. I Cant even find good a 2010 anyone will let loose of..

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It seems that in 2018 Ranger will back to United States market. It should have cool features to compete with its main rivals.

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