2018 Ford Taurus – old body, new engines


Proudly loved by US law enforcement, the current generation Taurus debuted a six years ago, and certainly needs an update. However, its wide government usage set limitations on a complete update. So, 2018 Ford Taurus is likely to receive only a minor facelift. As for the inner part, it is expected new transmission and updated EcoBoost engines. The next completely new generation Taurus might be released in 2019 or in 2020.

2018 Ford Taurus release date

As an end-cycle update, the 2018 model year Ford Taurus will be available for purchase in dealerships closer to the end of 2017.

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Release date: late 2017

2018 Ford Taurus price

The pricing for the updated Taurus 2018 is likely to remain the same, as far as no radical changes apply to the car. So, the standard configuration Taurus will cost around $28,000.

2018 Ford Taurus changes

Since the actual release in 2010, Taurus has always criticized by overwhelming size,  bad interior visibility, overweight and bad fuel economy. Unfortunately, to get rid of these drawbacks, it is necessary to completely re-design the car using a new lightweight platform and downsized engines. This is preparing for the next generation Taurus, which release date is unknown.

2018 Ford Taurus is expected to receive minor trim changes in the middle of 2017. For instance, it might get better upholstery materials, next-generation infotainment system MyFord, and some changes in trim configurations. It is also possible

It is also possible that Taurus 2018 might get  a facelift since the last one occurred in 2013. The car might get updated front and rear lights, new grille and redesigned bumpers. That’s all you could expect from the updated full-size sedan.

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2018 Ford Taurus redesign is not expected

Despite the 2015 debut of a new body Taurus, this car will be exclusively available for the Chinese market, and maybe some other Asian markets in the nearest future. The car looks more like enlarged Fusion. It features completely new platform and design styling.

There is a high probability that US-spec Taurus of the next generation might look similar. However, it almost certainly not intended to be released for 2018 MY in the North American market.

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2018 Ford Taurus video

2018 Ford Taurus specs

Currently, Taurus could be equipped with a wide variety of engines. Starting from 3.5L naturally-aspirated V6, up to twin-turbocharged V6 of the same displacement for SHO modification. It seems that 2018 model year might be no longer available with entry-level V6, according to rumors. The basic engine becomes 2-liter EcoBoost producing 240 HP.

The V6 will be available exclusively for fleet and taxi cabs. In between, less powerful turbocharged V6 could be available, producing around 300 HP.

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