Next Generation of Freightliner Cascadia Will Come In 2018


Daimler trucks recently announced that their Freightliner Cascadia is to get a complete revamp, the first since the truck was unveiled to the waiting world, way back in 2007.

It will feature a whole host of technology, updates and changes, Daimler say that the truck will be easier to drive and easier to live with (in?) on the long haul trips.

Not only that, but it will be engineered to give up to an 8% increase in fuel efficiency, thanks to such mammoth efforts as micro-polishing and new surface treatments on mechanical surfaces, including gears; the idea being to reduce friction, which of course in turn, will reduce running costs.

Nothing has yet been announced by Freightliner regarding the pricing structure, but doing the math from some of the larger fleets, they’re paying in the region of $100,000 per truck. We’d expect to see an increase on the price, rumor says that the big fleets will be looking in the region of $120,000.

Freightliner haven’t confirmed the date for the official release, but we do know that the new Cascadia will go in to production in the early part of 2017, this should mean a release date around the third quarter of the same year.

Improved Cabin

The interior has been completely updated, with serious thought given for the driver and their comfort; new, updated and more comfortable seats have been fitted, a redesigned living space; there’s even a dinette available! Space has been designed to work, everything fitted is as it needs to be in such a confined space, save that Freightliner have left a space big enough to mount a 26” flatscreen TV. There is also new LED ambient lighting fitted, just for that little extra touch of luxury – just like you’d see in a high level, executive sedan.


Many manufacturers go for evolution rather revolution, Freightliner seem to have gone somewhere between the two; the updates could easily be considered more revolutionary (certainly in terms of Freightliner).

New for 2018 will be a completely redesigned exterior, featuring sleeker, more aerodynamic bodywork, sloped body and once piece windshield. There will be two aero packages available; Aero and AeroX, this will include longer side extenders, lower chassis fairings, drive wheel covers and wheel fairings.

As regards the technology fitted, the Cascadia will be getting closer to the road car; lane keeping assistance, anti-collision with auto braking, blind spot monitoring and something quite new, an advanced connectivity system, which also includes a virtual technician, able to diagnose and update the on-board systems over the air.
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