2018 GMC Terrain Will Finally Lose Its ‘Toaster’ Design


Compact and powerful, but with a somewhat clunky look, mid-size SUV produced by GMC, which is actually a re-engineered and redesigned Chevy Equinox, finally parted with his chopped design, as well as outdated interior. 2018 GMC Terrain will get a smoother design, lower roofline, and a Chevrolet Cruze platform. It will become smaller and dedicated to compact SUVs.
We’ll also assume that the model will be more light, which has a positive impact on fuel efficiency and performance.

2018 GMC Terrain release date

Some sources claim the release date of the next-generation Terrain will occur in early 2017, we believe that new crossover will be presented in the second part of 2017.

2018 GMC Terrain release date: Q3-2017

2018 GMC Terrain price

The cost of the new SUV in the basic version will be no less than $25,000.

2018 GMC Terrain equipment

First of all, Terrain 2018 will receive more modern infotainment system with 4G LTE and CarPlay/Google Auto connectivity. It will also get all new safety and security features, including 10 airbags in standard trim, lane keep assist, etc.

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2018 GMC Terrain video

2018 GMC Terrain redesign

2018 Terrain will receive a completely new body design, which will be used by current GMC design language. In its form, next Terrain will resemble the recently debuted Acadia.
It is also assumed that the Terrain will be focused on the market of more compact crossovers, so the next generation will be smaller than the current one.

The interior is more modern, technologically advanced and user-friendly. The design will be much like the next-generation Equinox. Despite its smaller exterior dimensions, the interior will be in volume not less than the current vehicle due to more efficient interior space usage.

2018 GMC Terrain specs

The new SUV from GMC will use the new modular GM platform – D2XX, which is used in many new GM vehicles made their debut this year, including the Chevy Cruze, Volt, Opel Astra K and Buick Envision. Chassis will be more durable and light. It is assumed that the car design becomes more than 27% solid, and the car itself will be lighter by 200 pounds.

Since the Terrain will be performing in the class of the compact SUVs, it will lose the V6 engine and receive only four-cylinder in-line engines with turbocharging.

The engine choice consists of three turbocharged 4-cylinder engines (no V6 or naturally aspirated I4 anymore). These include standard 1.5-liter 170 HP (203 lb ft) unit, 2-liter 252 HP I4 engine. The third option is quite a surprise – now new 2018 GMC Terrain could be equipped with a turbocharged diesel with displacement of 1.6 liter and just 137 HP (but with a massive 240 lb ft of torque). All engines mated to a brand new 9-speed automatic.

  • DelMarVa

    Great that the ’18 Terrain will have better looking exteriors/interiors … however, the long-in-the-tooth current models continue to sell well, so whether the newly designed models will fare better remains to be seen …

    As to the buying public – continued confusion of overlapping models from GM.

    Chevy-Buick-GMC dealers have too many models that compete with one another let alone with non-GM makes/models.

    Generally speaking, the sale of one of the current/future GM models often comes at the expense of another model in the same showroom!

    Sometimes, there can be too much of a good thing.

    • ScootGaloot

      Yea, that explains why all of GM’s SUVs are selling well **rolls eyes**

      Go back to being a barista. You obviously don’t know how to sell cars.

      • TheRealGreyGhost

        And another troll is heard from…..

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2018 GMC Terrain will be totally redesigned in the same way as Acadia. However, it might be smaller in size and undoubtedly lose its brutal styling.

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