2018 Honda Element – Is It Possible To Come Back?


One of the most pretty looking concepts by Honda is already on its way to being released. 2018 Honda Element which is more of a box than a car is said to come soon. How far is it true?

2018 Honda Element Overview

This model will continue traditions of the famous SUV represented by Honda Element. This car is going to be compact and handy. Even though this generation will be made a bit larger than its senior relative the vehicle is still going to stay smaller than a typical mid-size SUV. Some of you must’ve heard that Honda stopped producing Element models. That’s true. The carmaker has decided to continue this lineup due to a rising interest of buyers.

2018 Honda Element Redesign

Upcoming generation will stick to the same policy in terms of its appearance. Most significant changes are said to touch its hood and grille. You can hope to see a larger bumper with wide horizontal openings which will provide more air. As a result, the interior will be a cooler place. The anticipated car follows the modern trends so it’s going to lose a few more pounds. This is why we expect it with a frame of aluminum. Plastic materials will be used for front façade.

New alloy wheels are promised to along with a traction which will be enhanced. LED technologies will be used for headlights while foglights are promised to come with Xenon technologies. It’s anticipated to be released as a smooth looking model.

2018 Honda Element Interior

Most sources assume that the model will look completely different inside. Its cabin will become more spacious being good for 6 passengers. Its rear seats will be adjustable and foldable which is good news. The whole ride will become more comfortable as a result. You’ll enjoy more leg and head room as well. All the latest technologies and features are also here. For example, you can try LCD screen and a sophisticated audio system. All types of connectivity are also on board. You can rely on all the basic safety features.

2018 Honda Element Engine

As far as we know this model will be equipped with a 2.4-litre unit of four cylinders. This is VTEC technology good for fuel efficient purposes. Its output is up to 150 horsepower. Its torque is supposed to be around 165 lb-ft.

2018 Honda Element Release Date and Price

It’s still unclear when to expect new Element by Honda. The end of 2017 is the promised date. However, the beginning of 2018 is also considered. Its price is said to be rather moderate starting from $20,000.

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