2018 Honda Fit Tweaked With a New Equipment


Honda are renowned for the vehicles they produce, be that 4 wheel or two. It seems that the fit and finish of these vehicles is always right up there, giving a quality feel and a degree of luxury of comfort that many other manufacturers struggle to match, certainly with the smaller cars like the Fit.

Very little information is known about the new Honda Fit, it seems that Honda haven’t yet made any serious announcements, but we’ve been talking to our industry sources, and this is what we think we’ll see.

2018 Honda Fit Release date

The third generation, the 2018 Honda Fit should hit the showrooms later in 2017, perhaps as late as September. We certainly don’t expect to see it before then.

2018 Honda Fit release date: late 2017

2018 Honda Fit Price

Depending on trim level, options and toys fitted, the pricing for the Honda Fit should start in the region of $18,000 for the base model, rising to as much as $25,000 for the fully loaded version, which seems pretty expensive in this market sector.

2018 Honda Fit Redesign and changes

We think that Honda will be offering more than just a facelift for this next generation Fit, although mechanically, it will remain the same, aside from a few tweaks.

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2018 Honda Fit Video

2018 Honda Fit Specs

Under the hood, we will see the 1.5 liter 130 BHP 115 lb/ft 4-cylinder gas engine, or a 1.3 liter 4-cylinder motor. All motors will be coupled up to a 7-speed dual clutch auto or 6-speed CVT style transmission and will drive the front wheels only.

The styling of the Fit has also been upgraded; it is much sportier now – think along the lines of a baby Type R, with aggressive front wings, aero aids and styling tweaks – Honda are definitely trying to appeal to the younger generation with this new model. New for 2018 will be LED lighting front and rear.

2018 Honda Fit Interior

Inside the cabin, it seems that Honda are also giving that a makeover – sporty seats and little accents are scattered throughout the interior, making it seem just that little more … youthful.
Technology fitted will include USB Ports, Bluetooth, a touchscreen infotainment system, large LCD dash, start / stop technology, hill start technology (although quite why you’d need that on an auto is beyond us) and a myriad of safety tech.

Leather upholstery is available as an option (although standard on the higher trim levels) and the insulation has been improved throughout, meaning a quieter and more ‘luxurious’ feeling inside the cabin.

Editor's rating
4.4 overall
  • Safety4.6
  • Performance4
  • Design4.3
  • Features4.3
  • Fuel economy4.6

The updated Honda Fit is likely to get only a minor tweaks for 2018 model year.

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